Meaning of ego in English, According to Cambridge dictionary

noun [ C ]

UK  /ˈiː.ɡəʊ/ US  /ˈiː.ɡoʊ/

plural egos

your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability:

That man has such an enormous ego – I’ve never known anyone so full of themselves!

I’m glad she got the job – she needed something to boost/bolster her ego (= give her confidence).

One might ask why talk about Ego?

Well, the simple answer is ego is what keeps us, from reality! It is the block, that is put up when we start to explore all options, (when we consider alternate paths).

Our Ego is what tells us, “I can’t accept that I have been duped!, Therefore I can’t allow myself to be wrong!”. Putting ones ego in its place, is what has freed a large part of the worlds community from tyranny! To grade the health of your Ego, I have a little quiz for you to take.

Before I start, I bring up a few points that will be in question in the quiz. One, I will only ask questions within “the last days”. Jesus defined last days as written in the King James Bible. Jesus said we are living in the last days, This was during his lifetime, some 2022 years ago, plus or minus.

Is my Ego healthy?

  • Who was King James?
  • What were the current Bibles were used during the kings rain?
  • What is the story behind Constantinople?
  • What years were considered the Dark ages?
  • Who were or are the Kazarians?
  • Did the Roman Empire fall?
  • Who has been under the Crown of England’s rule?
  • Are Hollywood plots fiction? Do they tell of a plan or true history?
  • Are the FDA and CDC working in the best interests of the people?
  • Are any Vaccines safe?
  • Is the USA a corporation?
  • Is the USA inc. bankrupt?
  • What ship did the White Line owned by JP Morgan sink, in place of the Titanic?
  • Why was the Olympic sunk?
  • Why was Lincoln assassinated?
  • Why was JFK assassinated? and by who?
  • What is the real story behind the Twin Towers on 9/11?
  • We know that Japan surrendered after the ‘A’ bomb was dropped, But did Germany surrender as well?
  • What is operation Paper clip?
  • Did we really win world war two?
  • What is MK Ultra?
  • What is the origin of the CIA, and how was it financed?

Simple internet searches give a not so simple to digest answers, Using words like “who is”, “what is”, “sister ship of” including the key words like Olympic, Titanic, King James, Dark ages, Would give you answers. What was hidden, is no longer, but you must search!

If your ego keeps you from truth, then continue using phrases like “conspiracy theorist” or other MK Ultra phrases designed to work on peoples ego, and then when you can’t hide from the truth any more, ask me why I didn’t tell you what I know. I will likely send you to my website to show you that I did. I have shared links that I found important, to prompt you to start researching, I don’t know what else I could do.

Just for the record

If you still think it is about the stolen election, I want you to know, it has always been about the children!

If you think it was about the Vaccine program. for Big Pharma, it was all about depopulation and the Adrenachrome harvesting. For me, it was a wake up call!

But For those that can grow spiritually enough to put aside their ego, it is about the Kazarian mafia, and their involvement in all the above topics! It may be past time for you to know what side you are on!!!

May the Lord God Creator and Source of all, Bless you and guide you!