It’s not that I didn’t know in my heart that something was wrong with the system. I knew, I just wanted to get out of the whole mess! My late wife and I were filling up every nook and cranny with food items, but deep inside I knew the house I was paying on, was owned by the bank and government. I just knew if I couldn’t pay my taxes, they would evict me ( or was I deceived ). I didn’t know the truth about ownership that was kept from me! This was in the 1990s. Do you get the picture? Truth will set you free!

Due to circumstances, I wound up a widower at the turn of the century, bought a boat, and became even more disconnected with society. Like so many, I thought the attack on 9/11 was an attack on our country from abroad, not from within. This statement tells you, I was completely controlled by the cabal’s mind control system, even if I did know something was wrong!

Today I understand that the shame I feel, for not seeing what was going on, is not on me!, But rather on those that intentionally lied to us all. I still bear the loss of my late wife, and the burden I feel in my heart, for not seeking truth! I have asked myself how others knew, and I was blind. I ask myself if I had seen then, what I know now, if my late wife would still be with me.

Please understand, I have moved on, and have a new life, with a wonderful woman, but it still makes me wonder how things would have played out if I had eyes to see in that day.

The S.O.C. known as the White Hats, have been working tirelessly, for over 70 years to correct things that have been done to enslave us! I have wondered how their eyes were opened, if it was because they had a better education system, then we the serfs, I don’t know for sure, but it seems so. It is said that once you see, you can’t un-see, or When the spell is broken it can’t be re-cast, this I will testify is true. I can only find things in my searches that strengthen my ever growing understanding, and resolve.

When I talk about 9/11, I recognize that that was far from the first false flag event. Previous to that we view the Titanic event, then WW1, then the Depression, WWll, JF Kennedy and others false flags designed to hide the enslavement of the world. I don’t desire to go further back, as this post would be to long for most to read.

My Point

In this day, it is not necessary to avail yourself with the best education system, to understand what is being done to you!

You don’t have to ask yourself how others know, and you don’t.

I am offering you the answer to that question on this Blog, with this one post, that should you accept this assignment, you too can understand, and help others understand, what is going on, and why! If you reject any part of what you read, You have the option of revisiting the information, as you digest the parts you can agree with, as you build a hunger to know what has been done to you, to keep you in the dark, for so long.

It truly is bigger than you think!

References: h$%y cr#p is that all? Yes that’s it! If you start there you will understand the first verifiable conclusion! Advancing with all the articles after that one video in the same channel, will give your opened mind an overview and understanding you never had before, if you are just waking up!

May the Source of all creation, bless you and keep you!