First I will apologize for my absence! I would like to claim writers block, but, alas I can’t, I just was not inspired. However, I was inspired at 2:00 AM, and compelled to write. When you know you know!

On with the subject.

CERN is running an “experiment” today. The power is ramped up to a level that is unprecedented. Some experts believe it could be catastrophic, some believe it will cause solar flairs, others believe destruction of the earth! What I will say, In my opinion, today is not the day to be traveling! We don’t have a clue what to expect, I am confident that those that dwell in the firmament, behind the vale know what to expect. For us however we have no idea. You might say that we are caught in an experiment that may hold our life in the balance, and we were not asked for our consent, or opinion! I find this deeply disturbing, and very similar to the clot shot experiment, that is now taking it’s toll in lives.

I do have my own opinion on this subject, but let’s talk about CERN for a minute. at the entrance of CERN is an emblem with the well known 666 in the logo. There is a statue to one of the pagan gods. Is this an attempted Jail breaks of Satan, and his fallen angels? It is said that CERN has the capability to create worm holes.

Should we be concerned what will happen to earth with this event? or is it going to be a nothing burger?

With all the information I am getting, I don’t think we have anything to worry about! I say this because most people that follow a blog like this, are talking to their higher selves. They have connected with the collective consciousness! They believe they will be taken into the 5th dimension or beyond. They are also aware that those of evil, can not come, because light and darkness can’t co-exist in 5D.

In Biblical writings we are told about a new earth! Could it be?! Could the workers at CERN be involved in an experiment that will catapult the earth into the Fifth Dimension? Will the experiment immediately transform the earth? Or will it only work as the catalyst for the birth of our new earth?

Those that are seeking to control us. Those acting against nature, and good, seeking their own gain, forgetting others freewill, and needs. Are risking being torn from what they want, and kept in the 3D world with nothing but evil, and darkness, while those spreading Love, will ascend with the New Earth!

Please don’t take this as a prophecy! I have simply compiled concerns about CERN from many sources, and am compelled to write this to you. Because I look at the end of the world as we know it, as a Divine action, I have a positive outlook! I have released my emotional ties to the things of this world many years ago! I would suggest you do the same, if you have not already. This time is short, and the time of prophecy is upon us!

May God Source of all Creation, Bless you, and Keep you, All the days of your life!