So this is the deal!

I don’t really know anyone that is not trying to clean up their act, when it comes to taking care of the planet! I also know plenty of people more worried about the agenda behind the effort. Where the elites, who have been planning it for over 300 years, have done nothing to alleviate the problem! Please give that statement some thought! The US was founded 246 years ago!

This is what we know today.

  • Nikola Tesla died in 1943.
    • He invented many things, one being a free energy generator ( )
    • This generator powered a car from the ether, and was shown in buffalo,NY. on a couple occasions.
    • We know that his plan was to bring free energy to the masses (that was his dream).
  • We Know that JP Morgan (part of the Deep State) took the wind out of Nikola’s sails and he died a poor man.
  • We Know that the US Government suppressed Nikola’s inventions.
  • We Know that the Agenda involving climate change is not a new thing, and was talked about long before the industrial revolution. For that matter long before the USA was a country. Why?

Just in case You don’t know! I understand the concept of Debt Slavery is new to some of you. When Lincoln supposedly set out to free the slaves ( a small percentage of the American populace), something monumental happened after his death, in the 1880’s, the Deep State enslaved the whole populace. The rest of the plan, to enslave the world then could be slowly completed. The civil war was not Lincoln’s idea, it was the elite’s idea! The idea was to enslave all people to enrich the wealthy Cabal, definitely not to free anyone from slavery!

What does that have to do with Global Warming?

Long before the Industrial revolution, the path to total Tyrannical rule and slavery of the masses was Laid out, the work, in the form of Wars, that create financial upheaval. Recessions, Depressions, Pandemics, food shortages, and rebuilding after wars, all designed by those that hold the “bank note”, all through fraud, Think repossessions!

Back on Track!

The elite steered the Industrial revolution in a way it it came about, to obtain wealth! Think Oil Tycoon! (One of the Deep State families). Can you recall the saying, If you have the money, you can rule! This saying does not say, when you get the money you obtain power, no, it says if you have the money, you make the rules! Quick note: the Cabal or Deep State, have obtained wealth for generations!

You can steer the policy of the entire world, and they do! They don’t flow with the events, and make adjustments as things change, They make the events!


To make it clear. JP Morgan (one of the Deep State families), shut down the possibility of clean, clear, un-enslaving, free energy, to make a profit for the Deep State families! The Deep State was talking about climate change 300 years ago (long before it was ever talked about, and unheard of). This predated the industrial revolution by over 50 years( ). If they weren’t planning the whole thing, why did they shut down Tesla? Does it make sense that the Cabal was planning 300 years ago, how to deal with a condition that was not heard of, and would be caused by oil, meet the cure offered by Tesla, before oil became the defacto standard for motivation? If they truly were concerned about the future, would you not think they would have explored the Tesla option, rather than suppress it? Remember the elite were talking environmental change, before the industrial revolution.


If the powers that be, had foreknowledge of pollution caused by fossil fuel, coal, or any other source of energy that was not clean! Why would they choose to promote the cause of the problem, they were discussing?

With the pre-planning, how to deal with the corona virus, It has become obvious, to those paying attention, there is a playbook of of how to enslave the population. They will use Global Warming, though they have an option in the form of Tesla tech available! They will use Wars! Think Ukraine, They will use Plandemics, even as with the Tesla solution, a cure in the form of proper diet and Ivermectin was readily used prior to the plandemic. When Sars-Cov-2 no longer holds the attention of the masses, the new (?virus?), Monkeypox is in the works!

It might be time you remember, healthy people are not infected with viruses, you know, that no virus has ever been isolated! If you are thinking, you will understand, that no matter the scare, health is the answer!!! If you are thinking, They have never seen a virus, they can’t tell you you have one!!

In the near future you will see that, The Alliance will be offering Tesla free energy that will clean up the environment! There is nothing to fear! You may even find admiration for those that have offered change!

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