I must tell you! I have never watched “The Matrix” that I recall, anyhow. I have only caught glimpses from cuts on truther channels. Because The movement is telling me that The Matrix is a documentary, I have considered purchasing it! But alas, what I have learned about pervi-wood, I can’t bring myself to supporting them. I have considered watching it at the Library if they have a copy, we will see!

Red Pill/Blue Pill, referrers to learning about the real world, taking a “truth pill”, Where as the blue pill is a sleeping pill. From what I have garnered, I have chosen to take the Red. At times I think how nice it would be to have such a magic pill, where I would not have to tear down everything I once believed, through research, but I remember that not knowing, is harder, than all we have been through on this journey! To all of you who have joined me in our journey. I want to take this time to thank you, for coming along. I am blessed to have you. To those that send me comments of encouragement, You also have no idea how much they mean to me, and I thank each and every one of you!

A word as well, goes out to the WordPress community! As the viewer base has increased, Your feature that allows me to see how many views I have on a post, has allowed me to understand the importance of a title! As a for instance, I thought it clever to use the title “Evil vs. Good ” on one post, I was bringing up old cartoons, and movies I had seen, to make a point. Worst idea ever!! It had the lowest viewing I have had in some time, lesson learned.

Red, Blue, White, or Green!!! It is all about the Matrix!

It has nothing to do with a pill, it has everything to do with Mind Kontrol. The concept of the red pill is, do you choose to learn the truth! The deeper you go into the previously unknown (to you), the harder it becomes to return to the bliss, known as ignorance.

A word of warning: As the events take place, The blue pill will fail you, it will not keep you asleep! The speed that you will be forced to learn truth, will seem unbearable! It is better to learn the truth at your pace, rather than the high speed you will otherwise learn! The time to take the red pill is growing short.

In the past, I found it easy to believe that symbolism, and numerology were used by the dark side to communicate. Because of MK I feared to look into angel numbers, but finally, into the hole I go. Why would I go there? Because I learned that most of what I had learned my entire life was a lie! Where should I go if truth is what I want?

In my view, and because of my upbringing, I looked at the truthers that talked of such things, as wasting there time, and mine, destroying their reputation in the process.

One day a friend started talking about meditation music, and the space force alliance. Having no idea of what she spoke to me, and because I was red pilled, I followed her into the rabbit hole!

Moving forward a couple months!

On our next discussion, she told me she was seeing numbers in threes, like 333, 444, and so on. I was not looking at number sequences, although I was on occasion listening to Tom Numbers. Learning that, if I don’t know, it may be time that I did! I typed into Quant search the number 333! To my surprise several websites came up with information about angel numbers, and what 333 might mean! Armed with this little bit of information, I proceeded to type in 444! The same sites came up, but their had to be more! What about 111, or 888, or need I say it, 666. The Bible warns us about the number of a man, or his mark “666”, It didn’t warn me to stay away from learning about it, rather it encouraged me!

It was at this moment that I knew, that Numerology, was not only for dark, for it was taught in the Book, most religion in based on. Why was I taught that I should stay away from what could be called, the universal language of higher beings, behind that veil, that we can not pass when in this 3D world?

I am forced to think of those immortal words spoken by the Star Wars master, “There is nothing to see here”! My interpretation, If You can continue sucking on the blue pill, then, “you know nothing, You see nothing!”. It should be mentioned that because you don’t see it, does not mean it is not there, only that you have chosen not to see! “Let those with eyes to see, and ears to hear”.

If on the other hand you have swallowed the Red pill, This revelation, will become your personal revelation! As many of you know, this blog is about helping, and there is nothing more important than to move on in your way of thinking. I suggest a complete study of the website Numerology.com . You will find the site by typing it in, or using any of the angel numbers I mention above.

To lift the burden of fear, We must understand what is talked about when it is said “God given rights!”, and again, “consent of the governed”. But You must first open your eyes to truth! (God is truth!)

Simple question!

Many have heard of the penal gland in recent times, thanks to the Pharma industry! We have been told that it is our God eye, thanks to truthers. How do you think you can see? if no passage exists to the outside world? Does this mean we will grow an eye in our forehead? No! No! it means the eye that sees what we can’t see, the world of a different universe or timeline! Our communication with God source!

So it is, that understanding comes with believing! I can not do justice to this topic, if first we don’t lay out some ground work! You need first to build up a foundation before you build the house, if the house is to stand! We can understand this in our physical world, but in our spiritual, world it seems, that this truth has been locked up to maintain control over us (MK). I will talk more about this in our next meeting! Be prepared by doing your homework! Keeping in mind that “numbers” are referenced in the bible, follow all links on Numerology.com to gain some understanding, or you will not be able to follow what I have to say!

May God Creator Source, be with you!