Yup! That is the question.

I have never been a brilliant tactician but, I can see brilliant moves.

So the question to those that think things have not moved quickly enough. How long have you been watching the show? If you have been watching long enough, many a good man, and woman, have moved to quickly and given their life. The cause was just, just as it is now, but the tactics didn’t take down the Cabal!

If you were a MAGA in 2019 on, and you lived in the right location, you know how violent the DS can be! As the Alliance military tells you, that the timing is dependent on protecting the lives of the innocent, yet, You would turn on your belief system! Where are you going to turn? Would you rather be hurt, or dead?

I am looking at the threats we are today presented with, are they real or manufactured? Are they white hat, or black hat? My real question is does it matter? If what I have looked back on, and realize the battle has been going on for longer than my life. When I can see how the DS has infiltrated the world over the years, and how the white hats, have disassembled so much of their efforts! As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding has been giving us a view of the past, and current efforts. These efforts have decimated the DS takeover! Honestly, I as well as most of you, can say we have been unaware that the battle has been wagging on for years, because as is said, “we were sleeping”.

Because you are awake, does it mean that the war should be over? To be honest, if the populace must be awake, for the war to be over, we have a long way to go! But if the war can be won, because the corrupted have been removed, even if some sleep on, The war may soon be over! It is in God Source’s time!

If the war will be over only when all the corruption is eliminated, unless you are the commander of the force, you will not know when that time will be! Remember, no deals, I pray positively, because I know that the force will not quit until the very last of the cancer they fight, will be eradicated. If the Israelites had done as God told them, and eradicated evil from the land given them, This battle today would not be! Of course that is speculation on my part, but I am willing to watch from the side lines, and root on the White Hats. I am confident that they have God on their side! I don’t believe that God has changed his mind about evil!

I believe that when all the Cabal has been removed from this earth, we will know it is finished! Until that time has come, Trust the Plan! If You are being hurt, You are still alive! If You are still being hurt, there is still evil on the earth! The Federation is still at work, give them time!

If You are part of the digital solder squad, unless you are told to mislead, Be positive, that other solders keep the faith. If you have faith, build your stores, Times are going to get worse before they get better! But know they will get better, without evil on the earth, things will be as in heaven. I await!!

May God Source, guide and direct You!