I was watching videos, and reading articles on the Jabs, and it occurs to me, that the industry proved itself unworthy of our trust.

So what does that mean to the world?

It is my opinion that the science industry shot a hole in it’s entire collective foot! The digital solders researched all the claims and history, that they may have left alone, had it not been for government false reporting, and the Media’s false information, and Agenda.

Those that were not in the anti-vaxx camp at the beginning of this outrage, will never again trust “a needle wielding medical tyrant”, withing many feet of them, in the far future.

If these tyrants should choose to kill all those that don’t trust them, then they will have killed the entire world population, bar those that faked receiving the vaxx, to coerce others into the practice. Those that did take the shot, so it is assumed by many professionals, that are

telling the truth, The outcome will be 100% effective at depopulation. There are some protocols designed to cleanse the body of these shot introduced poisons, but the outcome is quite questionable at this time.

The point of this short post is more a musing!

If the vaxxers will fall, due to VAXX induced death! and the Anti-vaxxers are killed because the powers that be, want them vaxxed, only those that perpetrated this demicide will remain!

The poetic justice will be, that those that only wanted a slave population to serve them, will become as slaves, or die! No matter, sustaining the quality of life they desired, will be impossible.

Yes I know, the Sars Cov 2 Plandemic has failed! As I listen to the talk of the Plandemics planned for the near future, the outcome will become “No vaccine without great resistance”. Those that didn’t fall for the feardemic, will never fall for the scare tactics, seeing the results of this campaign! The medical industry will not survive, into the future of medical care!

Two outcomes present themselves. You will learn about the herbs and plants given by God to cure aliments.


This mass extinction event is to usurer in The second coming of Christ!!!

I personally am Trimming my lamp, and keeping it full!

May the Lord fill you with His truths!