The Bible tells us to teach our children in the way they should go, and they will return to that way!

It is time to return to the way our ancestors failed to teach us!

It is time to turn back to this guidance, to teach our children in the way they should go! even if it is inconvenient!!!


Many of us have unlimited data plans on the phone but not for WiFi. An HDMI cable for the phone will make the display of the following link an option. Don’t ignore my plea!

If, You love God, If you love Your Kids, this link is necessary!

Like I have told you before, Telegram has much very important information. If you don’t want to use Telegram because you have fear in your heart, about getting sucked in to something harmful, I suggest installing Telegram from the Telegram website. Watch this link and remove the App when finished!

A little instruction for new users:

A group of videos are shown. click on the first image and watch the video. When the video is finished swipe from right to left to get to the next video. Start that video and watch it. continue to the next video and on till you can no longer swipe with results.

If you were wondering! This history lesson, is valuable for both the children, and you the adults. Once again!!!

If you love God, Source of all! If you love your children, our future! If you Love yourself, the teacher of your children! If you love your Country! You owe it to yourself, and society to watch the videos on these links (For this link watch the first video) (History you don’t get in your studies)