A disclaimer! I have known a lot of people over my life time, and though you may sometimes think I am talking to you, in fact I write about a Frankenstein being! I do in fact see the same traits in most all people, some traits are more pronounced in some than others. Like a preacher giving a sermon to the congregation, My posts will resonate with some of my audience, as has been stated to me on occasion.

On with the Post!

Have you noticed that some people that have so much, think they have not been blessed? At the same time have you noticed that others with little, praise the All Mighty Creator, the Source of all Creation, for their wonderful blessings? By the end of this post I will explain what I think!

On both sides of this story, God is in the picture! My intent is not to judge, as all will choose their own path, and all is to the Glory of God!

When I was young I could not spend enough time in nature, It seemed to rejuvenate my soul, and, though all were tolerant of my desire, not all had the same goal, nor did they appreciate my attitude. I know people that their toys are more costly than my annual income. Of all those I know only one has told me we all make life choices, the others, well the others.

In recent times we, if we are researching, visually see those that have sold their soul for fame and glory. We see members of the Black Eye Club, that enjoyed their bargain only shortly, before the spirit in them do things unthinkable to the rest of us. When I was young, The joke was selling your soul to the devil, today I see it was not a joke at all. The most elite, of elite, those so wealthy no country can match their wealth, have in fact sold out to the dark side! But You can’t have more than the god you follow! When your god was cast to the earth, the earth became his prison, and you too will be confined here! As Hillary so famously stated in a debate, “We have tried to crack the dome, someday we will”. If you have sold your soul, this earth is your prison, not your glory! If you are transferred to another rock, it will just be a prison transfer.

To those that have chosen an honorable life, no matter how little you have, I lift you up as an example to follow, as does God, and I praise God for you! It should be known to you, that no matter what you have, or how hard you worked, You have less than what the Source of All Creation gave to you! You will never have more than the God you follow has, but the Universe is there for you! God knows your heart and knows no matter how much the Godhead gives you, you will stretch out your hands to help others, that is just the way it is.

You are one small part of Creation! In my growth I have come to appreciate those seeking Love, those seeking to be grounded with all creation. Those I am talking about sit firmly on the ground, bare footed, sitting upright, looking within, developing connection with creation, rather than trying to separate themselves from it. For they understand that to be creation, connected to creation, they are one with all creation!

You will never be more than God, Creator, Source, but You Can Walk with the Creator of all!

Where We Go One We Go All! (WWG1WGA)