So! The last time You got a new boss, was he imported?

If you were sacrificing your family life, to climb the ladder, were you rewarded? Or, did the company select someone from outside the company to fill the job they dangled in front of you?

Reality is, you knew that the company would do as they always do. You don’t select your boss, they do! You were only baited, when you were taught to climb. You hoped, and dreamed, but you really knew down deep within, that the choice was not yours to make.

Seldom are the employees polled, to choose who they would rather take orders from, and only the delusional believe the ladder has all the rungs in place, to get to the top! In the present system you must be Groomed for the Job!

Those that know this, keep their family in tact, and don’t give everything up to pursue the bate! Only those that look for that pie, become disenchanted.

As is normal for this blog, I am not writing about your Job, Your company, or your boss! I am writing about those that control, and select Your leaders. As I watched this video, I started to realize, the reason I have been disenfranchised by our political system. Not to say that I didn’t always get it, I just didn’t understand the reason for my feelings.

After you have watched the video, you too will find an understanding.

It is good to understand that People have, for the first time in many years, if ever, selected their own leader. It goes without saying the Corporation was not happy that this happened. Everything that they could throw at the leader, was thrown to destroy and discredit him. We can only praise God that we got the chance to witness what a truly great leader looks like.

A truly great leader helps people regain their God given rights!

As the 2022’s election draws near, we are encouraged to select a new group of leaders. We are encouraged to stand for our rights!

This great leader is teaching Us to stand tall, and for our freedoms! I personally am proud to say I support Trump! I am learning what it takes, to be free!

May God bless You, and keep You!