At the start of this Plandemic, the general population had no idea we were looking at something that was planned. We can be glad that there was a group of White Hats ( the name given to the international alliance), that had their ears to the ground for many years. I was struggling with one of the many Bio-weapons released on humanity over the years! I had no idea! We people were in the dark.

Because I was fighting off a virus, I was looking for answers to that similar disease, I was told no cure was available. That was likely the only reason that I saw a problem. My heart goes out to all those that have suffered at the hands of the evil corrupt elite, that we have all fallen victim to!

Do You remember?

The release of the Sars-CoV-2 virus. How about the Government “Update Round Tables”?

Just in case you have forgotten!

Donald J Trump assembled a Round table, to give the populous updates, as we learned what was happening.

Remember that at first they told us the virus name was Sars-CoV-2 (it’s technical name).

Remember how Donald J Trump chose to call the Virus “Chy-Na virus” because of it’s origin. This was the standard naming for all previous viruses. Naming after the location of it’s origin.

Then for fear of China’s retaliation, or maybe the location of the bio-labs could not be tolerated, so the name was changed to Covid-19, declaring the 19 was for the year it was released, Or is that only a story?

Do you remember when Trump asked why science had not looked into something like hydroxychloroquine, and the media reported he said bleach?

How about his mention of Ivermectin, or UV light? As I recall the next claim by the Media, was he suggested horse paste!

All the above took place before much of any other effort was taken, other than closing the borders, as I recall.

Why Covid-19?

Maybe because you must have a virus, before you can have a pandemic!

More likely however is if you need a Financial reset, you can have an agenda! That is why we call it a Plandemic! For the record, Testing using PCR tests, the testing of people without symptoms, only served to give way to exaggerated numbers, false reporting for cases that were not there to begin with.

Now Trump gave some of the major players an opportunity to do the right thing. He put Fauci front and center, before the cameras, but Fauci had the Cabal’s orders!

Trump knew that this was going on, but was powerless to do anything about it, or so it appeared! The CCP had done their job! They perpetuated fear before the full release of a mild Sars virus on the world. It appeared that nothing could stop what the Deep state started, and the Media perpetuated.

Trump was armed with fore knowledge of patents previously granted to the vaccine industry, and Fauci’s involvement. The only thing Trump could do is organize a counter attack, and He did!

The Deep State took full advantage of Trumps Warp Speed! Remember now, that the Jab, and Sars-CoV-2 were patented Years before the plandemic, and Warp Speed. Pharma knew about safety issues long before the program was activated. Just the same, they waited to release the Jab until after the 2020 election was over, As this was one of the objectives of the Deep State! To overthrow the election!

With Joe placed in office, covid-19 was out of the hands of Trump, the Draconian measures we have fought, were set into play under Joe. We will get back to this in a moment.

A study of 1918 Flu provided insight to mask wearing! It seems that Fauci stated in his previous works, that wearing masks killed more people during the 1918 flu, than did the flu itself. Did You ever wonder why a campaigning President, discouraged Masks at his rallies? I did! and this was another ah-ha moment for me.

For those of us that wondered why Trump was so proud of “Warp Speed”? We are at the point this needs be talked about!

The Jab is Killing people by the thousands, I guess now millions, so it begs an answer that has not hit main stream yet!

Trump commissioned the military to produce a vaccine, to eradicate a Virus, And that, the Military did! Trump did not commission the pharma industry to produce a vaccine, but, that they had years before!!

Trump’s Promise to the People that elected him!

He promised to eradicate the Swamp! efforts to sidetrack the plandemic got him nowhere. The choice was then made, to use the Cabal’s covid-19 plan, to destroy them! Under cover of their plandemic, the Military used covid terms to signal each other to the outcomes. As simply put as I can, This effort is Warp Speed!!!