Did you know there are books that were kept out of the Canon(Bible)?

One of the explanations that explains why, decisions had to be made about validity of the writing (who made that decision).

The other was, because the Canon was written to bring all the sects together unified, because they would be easier to rule over. (some truth had to be in the book to unify, this is why you find any truth in it.)

Why does it matter?

With the threat of Hell! why shouldn’t it matter? Seems that our life is spent in the pursuit of happiness. Not only must we be right with our religion, we must follow it, to earn the rewards of heaven, or else!

On the other side of the coin, we must confess, and love one another. The price for redemption has been paid by the Christ.

No matter what option you take, You will have the option to point your finger at those that don’t believe as you do! This is the hardest truth of all!

Finding Truth!

To discuss this topic, first I need to offer up what I believe, I wouldn’t want to mislead here! I believe in the Creator. I believe in the spirit. I believe in the Christ.

That said it becomes obvious, I believe in the spirit world. I have come to believe in Draconian influence, as well as our God source, ascended masters, and the federation. All of who live in the 5th and beyond dimensions.

This is a difficult truth for me! I have spent most of my adult life asking the God of the universe, for wisdom and truth, I spent that same time teaching from the Bible. Most of all, I spent that time unwilling to seek truth outside of what I already considered to be true! I accepted that the apostles had written the books of the new testament during their life time. A truth only learned because of current events, is that is not true at all!

When the influencers I follow!

Said that the transition to the new earth was going to be hardest for Christians! I had to understand why! Those same people confessed Christ!

The Truth in plain sight!

Those that seek to rule the world are a small number! We know them as the Kazarian Jew/Mafia. They are said to have existed from the days of Cain. Well truth be known they are descendants of his. We have been reading about them our entire life, we just had our eyes shut. You will know more if you listen to this series. Another serious historian is Clif High you will find very good information on his channel!!

The question of why will Christians have a harder time ascending? Cut and dried, the writings in the bible were compiled by the Cabal in the days of King James (part of the Cabal) from writings that were made well after the witnesses of the Christ were dead and gone. Remember that history is written by those that won! Notice I did not say all record of real history was destroyed, just covered up, and represented as taboo!

As is written in the Bible, “Seek and you shall find”, You need to seek if you want to know! Because I stay current with affairs, I started hearing about the Book of “Q”! No study is complete without research, So it is with relevant events. For instance, Why Q? why anon? How does this enter into the world events? And what about symbolism,and Numbers?

I want you to be aware! I want you to be at ease! I want you to not be separated from the Love the universe has for you! It is said that in the very near future, Communication and conveniences will be blacked out. It seems that the hustle and bustle of life keeps many from researching. This research could help calm your fears! But I know for many my comments are like the wind bringing in the storm!

You will get hours of “emergency broadcasts” in the near future from the EBS, but I have given you three links with very valuable information. The EBS will give you information about what has been happening, But that does little for the soul! Because the Internet is going to go down! I would suggest doing a bulk download of the sites that I have referenced. You will not be coming to this site to find my references and links! I am not immune to what is coming! With an entirely new internet, I can hardly believe this site, or any that I have referenced, will be revived.

Prepare in all ways, if you haven’t! The signal App, will be the only communications platform! And I understand it too will go down, in favor of the “Q phone” of the future.

Of all things, water, and food are the most important, When services go down, so does the supply chain.

I am writing this post, and those I am given time to write in the future, as though they will be my last!

I believe we are that close to a new dawn! There is nothing to fear! I feel it will be beneficial to understand what is happening, and hope this helps.

May God bless you and keep you!