Or is it Two in One! Just one short year ago . . . Ever Given! Now it’s Ever Forward!

Remember what you were taught? Evergreen is HRC’s Code name. Funny how both vessels got stuck in the mud! How does that happen when they have a guidance system used while underway, with highly qualified pilots? Really it’s not like a week end warrior is piloting these things!!! Wonder what they will find in those containers as they lighten that ship up to get it off the bank!

Have You noticed that although Walmart’s and Amazon’s logos depict joy, and smiles, the deliveries are just not as great as they used to be?

It maybe because Walmart and the Clinton Foundation are part owners in Evergreen, It makes one wonder what might be in those containers. It certainly isn’t full of new products being produced in our failing economy, and the ship is leaving port, so what is it?

To be fair! the next stop was supposed to be Norfolk, Virginia. Was it gathering cargo or unloading?

Oh yes! We have an open Mexican boarder! This could make a large number of new sex slaves, and Adrenichrome donors available for export. Shoot it could have made many pounds of Mickey D’s happy meals if that is the case, but now it won’t!!!

One more time! Although Mickey D. was caught buying Human remains to put in their meat products, does not mean they still do. I personally can’t eat what they sell anymore!

This blog is opinion based! As is this post! When you start thinking nothing has happened, it is those not so little things. You know the ones, Earth quakes at the same 10k under ground, Booms you hear if your close to an underground military base entrance. And yes! Things in the news that they can spin as an accident like with this pic. .