I have been hearing about Graphine for many years. I first heard about it in plastics as a strengthener. Later I was told by my brother that Graphine would likely be the next asbestos, now, that has been quite a few years.

Thanks to the Big Pharmaceutical companies, Graphine is no longer a secret! Although they didn’t want you to know it was a poison to the body, the truth movement made sure we all knew. Even though documents were brought to light, media quickly used MKUltra techniques to silence truthers.

No matter, media, and big tech would claim conspiracy theory, and silence as many as they could. Now it is well known by most, the truth has been told!

Know this!! It is not over!

The death Jab is going away. The plot has been exposed. Fewer people are running to the “god pharma”(read my post “The Whore”) to be protected?

The full result of the shot will not show up on VAERS, Ever! The long term cancers, and other major ailments, caused by the shot, will take some time to show up. We understand that graphine is not the only problem with the injection. We understand that mRNA will modify ones DNA permanently in the liver. Most information about the shot, has been exposed by someone. Pfizer/FDA has been forced to dump, the test results, and known problems with the shot, to the public.

But there is more to the story!

We now know that graphine and 5G feed AI organisms in the shot making them grow in the body. We now have been told that those chem trails we see in the air, have graphine as an ingredient. So shot, or not, graphine is part of your diet! I would like to tell you that graphine can be avoided, but I can’t. But you can avoid the mRNA!

If You Like Tech!

You may have considered getting some edible electronics. What! edible electronics?

Well, really, It is a thing, but you likely don’t know you are buying it.

Well if it’s a thing, and I am buying it, and I don’t know it, how will I know I am buying it? First let’s remember that graphine is poison to the body. Let us also consider that the body has no way to dispose of it, or at least, that is what I am told. So every bit of the stuff I consume, the more build up in my body. It is disturbing to me, that our government does not regulate the criminals in corporations that look to tech, without considering the consequences of their actions(or do they know).

It may be past time to become self-sufficient! I know some of you avoid Telegram, but it may be the only way to view some of my links, and this is an important video to watch!

May God watch over you, and keep you!