As I walk down the street, I know if a car is coming at me, I need to move out of it’s way, Even If I have right of way!

You could say I choose to live! The thought that I will sue the driver when I am dead, just makes no sense, right? Yet as I am backing out of a parking space I have to watch out with extra care, to be sure that that human doesn’t choose to walk behind me because he would rather think he can collect a little cash, for what could be a life ending event!

Folks, it makes no sense!

I really don’t know what goes through a persons mind that thinks that way! I am not wired that way for sure, But the number of people that are is alarming to me!

I guess that the above example, even though it has nothing to do with this post can not be ignored. It makes a point about the people that this post was written for. We must look around at the events around us to make wise choices. To choose the team based on the players perceived reputations off the field ( true or false ), makes little sense when the desire is to win on the field!

If you have the choice to give the leader your allegiance, and his mind set, is how to kill half of his players. Is that leader really a good choice?

I admit that it can be difficult some times to pick the right team, or leader! This is where you must use something that I admit has disappeared in recent years, something called common sense. Although some chose based on what others would think of them, others weighed the cost of the choice! (something called common sense)

There is a quote that I will repeat, though I don’t remember the author, ” The enemy of my enemy, is my friend”. This is big! I will translate it for you, even if I know that some of you understand. When you want to win! You look at what you want to win, and choose the leader that will get you across the finish line. and though you may consider the leader you side with, is your enemy, for whatever the reason, If he will finish off the enemy that seeks to harm you, he becomes your friend.

To the Point!

During the cold war radio free Europe broadcast our point of view onto the people of the USSR. We believed as the lowly citizens, that it was important that the Russians got informed of both sides.

We,now on the other side of things, didn’t get the same choice. We heard “our side!” The Internet changed what viewpoint we could listen to. Today we can, if we want to, get both sides of the equation. We have the option of finding for ourselves what to believe is true. The Opposition has an equal voice, if we choose to listen. We are no longer limited to the TV and radio broadcasters. We have the unique ability, like that once given to the people on the other side of the iron curtain, Both sides of the story!

The dilemma!

With all this information, we must be able to make choices we never had to make before! Quite literally, The captain of the team always made those choices for us. Right or wrong! we followed the captain!

Whether or not, you want to believe that taking control of your own life is a good thing, It is becoming a reality! The fact that you can now choose the leader you follow, rather than the leader choosing you is a paradigm shift, one that gives choice back to you! But as the old saying goes, ” with freedom comes responsibility “.

So how do you choose the team you will follow? Here are my suggestions

  • Does you life really matter! I realize that All lives matter, I am not racist!
    • If You are being coerced into an experiment that threatens your life, You need to make a choice of who to follow ASAP.
    • Do both teams advocate a depop agenda? Then it doesn’t matter what leader you like does it?
    • Do you want your rights as given under your government charter? Or do the leaders advocate you give those rights up? You need to make a choice!

If you don’t see any difference, You willingly have chosen to avoid knowing the truth! I learned as a young child that when a light was turned on in a room of total darkness, until I was accustomed to the light, my very soul was disturbed by it! I would cover my eyes, or close them, because it required my eyes to adjust to the new light level. So it is, with exposure to beliefs that are different from what we have been told were correct.

Our ability to accept exposure to new ideas will lead to either, realizing we had been taught lies, or confirm what we believe is true!

We don’t need to believe or follow everything someone tells us! We can be selective. In fact, We must be selective!

Not everything in a conversation falls within our belief system. There are a couple reasons this may be true!

  1. The author has an understanding of events, based on a bias, that you don’t have.
  2. The author has studied, has a deeper understanding, and you have not seen the same data.
  3. The author has an agenda, and is lying to you from the get go!

It is folly to turn off, because the speaker has one opposing viewpoint! You can’t make informed choices if you are not informed, and the only way to be informed is to seek the data, views, and opinions of others. How else then, would we know the lie?

An example!

Because it is well debated we will choose this one.

Let’s say someone you know got a shot to avoid getting a disease. OK! let’s say many of the people you know got the shot.

Now let’s say a bunch of people refused the shot. Let us say that we are told that those people that are not sick in any way, are the ones spreading this deadly sickness, though they don’t possess it.

Now let’s say that the people pushing the shot are admitting that 9 out of 10 people dying from this deadly sickness have got the shot. As has been published quietly in the UK.

Can we still say those that have not shown any sickness, are the ones dying from the sickness? More to the point, are those that didn’t get the shot, and not showing symptoms, the ones spreading the sickness?

At the risk of beating a dead horse to death,

The above example is only that! Many that have been Jabbed regret that choice. The only real reason to keep it going is the need to keep peoples minds on the criminal element that brought it on! We must remove from society, those responsible, or we gain nothing, but to relive more of the same in the future!

Sometimes we must see many sides to make good choices, is the point of this post!

If you are ready to have another bio-weapon released on the world, then we can continue listening to the (M)ain (S)tream (M)edia, that’s right! When we don’t choose our team captain, but rather our team captain chooses us, we loose! and loose in many ways, we have!

Do you really know what is happening in the Ukraine? The CIA and other criminals set up two things In that country, or state of Russia if truth be known. The criminals set up over 13 bio-weapon labs in that state. They have set up adrenachrome labs, and a hub for child sacrifice to obtain it. And they are a hub for sex traffic victims as well. Just a point! the MSM and their puppet masters need their adrenachrome fix!

The Russian police action, is taking place in the territory of Ukraine in Russia for the soul purpose of cleansing the state of those infestations. Now I ask you!

What team are you on?

Is your leader telling you we need to nuke Russia to destroy the world just to keep the adrenachrome coming? I can watch MSM and see what team captains are promoting such things. I am made sick thinking of what they are doing to the children, and what they are attempting to cover up!

Just to make it clear! Independent news channels have reverse searched the pictures in the MSM stories, and shown without a doubt, the photos are not from Ukraine, and are not current!

No question, freedom comes with responsibility! If you are on board with the garbage of the MSM, You might as well start flying a NATO, swastika, and BLM flag in your front yard! You have chosen the evil side! If you are not digging for truth on many sources, it is likely you will be flying one soon! That is until they can kill you! You don’t get brownie points when dealing with the devil.