When I started realizing We have been lied to about virtually everything, I started looking at everything I have been told!

In the show Truman, Some things that made no sense to him happened around him, and Truman started opening his eyes and found the need to seek the truth! Not an easy task when we know that the truth might shatter everything we once believed. The dilemma however, do we continue on believing the lie, because it is less painful, or do we seek the truth, and grow!

When we are threatened with our very existence, It becomes easier!

The mind manipulators will tell You, that all animals instinctively choose to stand their ground and fight, or turn and run! The fight or flight response. Those of Us that can feel something has gone wrong, are making plans!

We are choosing to live on boats at far away lands, We are building homesteads, We are hoping that we can hide away until things pass! Or We are planning for the confrontation that is inevitable! Our choice, right? What happens when we find out we can’t run from the matrix, and must face it because there really is no place we can hide?

If we must stand our ground, we need to know who the enemy is!

We must know who our friends are, and we need to choose sides!

We must prepare for battle! and if the battle is spiritual, we must put on truth, that we are on the side of truth!

Honestly folks, If the world had a corner, I would have to say We are in it! We are choosing to be on the Good(God) side, or the Satanist(Satan) side, there can be no middle ground. What is in the middle of any battle is the DMZ, not a good location to sit out the battle.

If You are not seeking to understand what side You need to be on, You are in the DMZ, Got that?

Remember You are in the Matrix, You have been lied to all Your life. Most times Your parents didn’t know You were learning a lie, after all they too were lied to. I believe it is not to late to learn, but like all those that have been learning, We all must start somewhere, and sometime.

https://t.me/DUMBSandUnderground/19705 Sorry, I know of no other link to send You to! Stay in the DMZ or install Telegram. I am not saying to believe everything You see! I am saying it is time to examine what has been shown to us!

May God the Creator of All things bless You!