It is nothing new to those with smart phones, that a swipe of the finger, and you can look at all the pictures in your folder. At least that is the easy way to look at all the pictures.

Why then was it such an eye opener for me, when I realized I could do the same thing when looking at a bunch of pictures on a post on Telegram?

But the eye opener for me is that the pictures presented on a post is only a small number of the pictures available on that post. In effect hiding much of the information from the viewer. That is unless you know about swiping!

Take for instance You are looking at a post with let’s say 10 pictures. You open the first one as I have been doing. You then close it and go to the next one, until you have looked at the ten visible ones. Then you read the post and move on.

Because You didn’t know about swiping to view the next picture, You didn’t realize only a small number of pictures on many post were viewed by You!

I would liken that to getting information off the internet using Google vs. DuckDuckGo.

Another way of looking at it is visiting Your favorite Truthers but not visiting their Telegram channels. I have concluded that much of the information these Truthers provide to their viewer was obtained from Telegram!

It is not good enough to say Telegram, The apps in the stores is not secure, the Telegram app installed from the Telegram website is. Only install from The Telegram Website!

Unless you are trying to know everthing going on, only join a few channels. Otherwise it can consume your day, and that is not good!

What I hope to have disseminated with this post:

  • The Internet is only a very small part of important information!
  • Telegram is a great tool to learn about information!
  • Swiping is the way to information on posts!

That said Truth Social is beta for iPhones. Soon will be available on Android! Go to to keep up to date.

That will become the most important thing in the future, don’t be left behind!