OK folks. My Brother died before the Vaxx. He died after the Virus hit the seen. He died because his heart quit working.

This is what I know! Everyone in My family that had heart problems, the first thing the Hospital did, was find clotted restricted veins. In went the stents to increase the vein size to keep the muscles of the heart alive!

Now! You can have veins close up almost anywhere in the body with different results, some deadly others an inconvenience. Historically though a stent and physical therapy, and voila the next time you see the person, they have a new lease on life!

So why then are those that are having blood clots today having such a hard time?

It isn’t that I don’t know the answer! We are talking about a different type of clot, aren’t We. Yes! it is in the veins, No it is not a blood clot. The victim is not suffering from a vein restriction in the normal way of thinking! But it is a restriction!

This instance is new in the last 8 months, but unheard of in January of 2021! The embalmers around the world are reciting this exact thing. The video is different from other eye witness accounts however. Others in the trade are telling Us, death rates are much higher as well, from the timeline before the Vaxx came out, year, after year till now!

You know, what You know!

And what I know, is If I don’t bring this information to You, and You get the shot because I was quiet! I might as well have Killed You! If I feel that way, just by reading the data available, What Crimes against Humanity, are those that promote, and administer the Shot guilty of? Ignorance in the medical field, is not a Licence, to violate the Nuremberg Code!