• Part 1 The Reveal

I was a new Christian, The Year? 1978. The Place? Bakersfield,CA. Although I can’t speak for today, they had a great Christian radio station at that time. Being new to the Christian life, I spent hours listening to the station. I did have questions however! Of the many churches I listened to, few had the same take, on the same verses. I concluded that many must be telling the proverbial lie. I got on my knee and asked the Lord for wisdom to find the truth! For the record only One preacher covered Revelation!

I am not saying this as a pro or con, simply as a reference!

There is a caution written in the book. One preacher may have discounted that warning and chose to do his best, others may have known they were not fit to offer a teaching on it, and chose not to take a chance! What I will say is the book of Revelation should have been an encouraged reading! An effort in the congregations teachings, to keep an eye on current events, so as to be ready, and understand what is now taking place.

I found over time that the King James Bible was the universal Bible used by most. Or at leased most other bibles used the King James as the model for their bible version. So it was that I would talk bible with others, if they could reference what they said in that Bible. Sounds good Right?

If you read the first installment in this series you know now that all royalty in Europe and elsewhere are impostors, and not royalty at all. You also know that those that guided them through out time, are the same ones that have guided us into the current situation ( You might reference “The Fall of the Cabal” series for more information).

What we know! Through coercion, lies, blackmail, threats to family members, “mon-eye”, and the likes of it. We have been pushed into the Draconian measures that have stolen our God given rights, and freedoms.

Now lets go back to King James, shall we? If the Grays, and the Draconians controlled King James, as they did! It also stands to reason the scholars of the day, were treated with the same respect, as those that don’t go along with the narrative of today.

So, with the years between the KJV Bible and the last surviving player of biblical times, and With the history of the Cabal, and the visual happenings today, can you guarantee, the writings of your guiding Book are accurate? I personally remember asking our one and only God Creator for truth. That opened my heart to his message.

In recent times, I have had lies exposed. I have been corrected with proofs. I have been in mental pain, and been brought to a point of anger. I can only imagine how serious it will be for those that will not dig deep in their very souls, and listen to those things they have been taught to refuse, in the name of lies, designed to keep them in the dark. But the days of darkness are over! This is the Day of Revelation! And shortly It will be the Day of Ascension, some say we are in those days now! The day of Peace on Earth! The 1000 Golden Years of Mankind, the Lion will Lay with the Lamb! and the Joy of the Lord will be among Us, and We will praise His Name!

But!!! First we must learn the Truth! for it is truth that will set us free!

If you reject what you read because it offends you. You may only be blocking yourself from those messages deep in the written or video works. You don’t need to take all things in, and believe, You only need to knock that the door will be opened to You!

May God bless you, and Keep you open to His Truth, Amen