To the big game Hunter. Let’s see your weapon!

Why He asks?

Because if We are going into the woods to hunt, I want to make sure You have the right tools!

Of course, says the Hunter, and hands the weapon over to the Guide for inspection.

It is understood that the Guide has the ability. That is after all why You enlist His help. If You want information about science, you ask a Scientist. If you want information about God, You ask a spiritual Leader. If you want information about Sodom and Gomorrah, if You could You might ask Lot, if that was an option, And I’m sure He would have some stories to tell!

I have had to publish information links that didn’t always reflect My view. Because My view is so much grander than Democrat or Republican, Christian or Hindu, Black or White. My view is the people of the world need saving from evil! I study, and search, that I can be a guide and give hope, where it is sometimes hard to have hope.

I try to be sensitive to peoples views, but it is not always an option. I try to pick and choose articles that fill that desire to encompass the views of everyone. But alas, not everyone has the right tools. For this hunt, one of the major tools requires a bunch of computer resources, it requires the “Telegram app”. But it is not just the Telegram app, the only version that censoring is not an issue, is installed from Telegram’s own website. As an aside, if resources are short on your phone only use Telegram to see what I send You, and don’t follow many people.

Now that I have looked at your tools, we may be ready to hunt!

Before we go hunting however let’s look at the map. We must determine the terrain for hazards, and have a location should We get separated. We will make sure We have enough clothing to endure the weather conditions and be prepared for an overnight in case we break something as we go.

Just to be sure, Let me give you a quick look at one of the conditions and how a famous person dealt with it.

You knew there was a reason I brought up Lot earlier in this post! Lot’s terrain was Sodom and Gomorrah. Although Lot searched his soul daily, not as much could be said for his family. Lot had to go into commerce daily to make a living. He prepared daily in the morning, and strengthened his soul, so he could avoid the pitfalls in his environment. His Wife however didn’t fair as well, she fell for the lures the world around her offered. As it turns out his daughters acquired some nasty habits as well. You can read about Lot in the Bible, I will not go any further here.

This is the Point!

If I am going to be your Guide, I can make sure you have the tools for the journey. I can make sure that I have told you of the hazards. What I can’t do is protect You! You must put on the proper gear for the journey into, and through the Rabbit holes.

If you are captive, and you are! You must go through the cave, to come out the other side, really, that is truth! The walls of the cave are rough, and have many snares. I am willing to guide you to the truth on the other side, but You must walk with Me! If You’re a Democrat, and the path I take You, has a Trump along the way. You must walk past the road block, in order to see the sun shine at the end of the tunnel. I don’t lead you down that tunnel to expose You to Trump. I take you down that tunnel because of the light at the end of the way!

If Your a faithful Christian, and I take You down a tunnel lined with non-believers, I don’t take you down that path to convince You that Their way is the way You go! No, I take You on that journey to show the light at the end of the tunnel. It is up to You to prepare Your Soul for the encounters You may have along the way! I am not Your keeper!

As a note: Whatever Your faith, You may place that faith, in place of Christian in the above paragraph!

I will take You to the place I have promised You I would! I will honor Your trust in Me! I will not lead You down a tunnel that is blind, I have been down the tunnels I send You down. I know they are full of traps, but if You have taken Your Soul, Before the All Mighty Creator God, in preparation for the journey, I will not worry for You along the pathway.

The paths I lead You, will see You out the other side, with greater understanding than You likely had before you entered. I don’t promise You a lighter heart, though in many cases the knowledge will set Your heart free!

The more paths I send You the Greater Your understanding will be! I don’t say that lightly. I speak from My own experiences, I have, Myself, grown as I explored these paths. I find great joy in knowing the Creator has sent Us help, in this hour of great Evil and need!

May God bless!