Our current state of affairs have been compared to the Matrix. I have only seen snippets of that movie, so I can only relay how others see things. I will refer to these time as though you are Truman in “The Truman show”.

I understand that the Red pill and Blue pill, is from the Matrix, but I can’t say. All I can say is the Truther community uses this pill analogy, and I understand what they are saying, but from a personal view, I would likely benefit watching these shows to get an understanding from where they speak. However my inner most being, will not let me support PedoWood, Those questions, I will leave to those with stronger stomachs than I have.

Surfice it to say, I am Red Pilled! I have searched hours to come to my conclusions. I say to you, seek and you will find! You have been sent to the Bible to do your search, but I will send you to Truthers that will set you free!

It is easy to say “Trust the Plan”, but for the new comers that is confusing, and not enough! I have posted in the past my list of references. I put links on my posts to help you on your way. What you do with that info is your choice! It is sure! If you follow the links I post, you will gain an understanding of what is “going down”!

Symbology, and Numbers, are a language that is used “in the world not seen”. Let me give you two examples:

777 Good.

666 evil.

Can you see that? What an example of Biblical reference! So numbers and symbology are good to understand and recognize.

Isaiah 45 = 45th president. Yes numbers are important! That may be why DJ Trump stayed the 45th, rather than get the Title 46th. That is speculation on my part, but, It could hold a lot of answer for many who are unhappy with the outcome of the 2020 election.

I am not worried, I believe Trump will return when everything is cleaned up. As has been said, “Why interfere with an enemy, that is destroying themselves?” Do you get a glimpse of what I am talking about?