I like the simple answer to Karma. I know in depth it goes deeper than I want to talk about. If you want more info on Karma, look to Clif Highs Woo series on Bit Chute, as he gets deep into the subject.

I will simply say that “what goes around comes around!”, Clif says that karmen attach to your soul, and you sooner or later have to deal with them.

It will soon be recognized by the manipulators of the world, That they will have to answer their karmen! I have to say that I am glad I am not one of them!

While many of the “innocents” were sleeping there were many in the SOC that have tirelessly cleaning up their evil mess. We call them the White Hats, the Alliance, and people in general moved by The One and Only Creator God!

The Truckers in Canada, have had an enormous effect on the people still asleep! And around the World, Truckers have been joining in to change our corrupt, and evil governments.

You may not be seeing what is going on. You may still be watching the main stream media (Notice lower case, they are not worth any more) and being censored into darkness! The USA is slow on the uptake. Must be because to many are still comfortable. Soon you will have the opportunity to see the convoys for yourselves. The Trucker Convoy is soon to start. You will hear them, You will see proud awake people waving flags and honking horns, as they are doing in Canada and the rest of the World. If you keep your comfort, refusing to see the truth, May God have pity on you!

I believe the only people who will stay asleep are those that will lose much, maybe their lives, for the things they are doing. I will pray for those not awake! I have no idea if they are doing wrong, I just don’t understand how they can not get involved in saving lives!


Do you know what is happening in Canada? (1) (2) (3) 123 are references!

Do you know what happened in the Republic of Canada?

We are on the home stretch! Yes we are, and we need your help because it is not over yet! If the only thing you can do is honk a horn or fly a flag to support our Truckers as they spend their hard earned money to free Us! We need to do this!

I will be a little more than politically correct here! If You are not out supporting the Fight for YOUR freedom, You don’t deserve Freedom, and You are on the wrong side of History!

Just saying! You need to be out waving a flag and dancing in the street, in support of Justice!

You need to be burning your stove oil, to help the truckers with a warm meal!

They are what we have been waiting for! A movement!