• We must go into our factories and slave!
  • We must go into the field and slave!
  • We must go into the burger house and sell human tainted burgers while we slave!

We through our Governments are sold into bondage, we own nothing, but we aren’t happy! If we owned anything, we would not have to pay a users fee, on what we thought we owned(Tax)!

But You ask, how am I sold by the Government into bondage?

In the USA look into the 1932/33 declaration. If you have Fiat it is a debt! That you can’t repay, You can only pass the debt on.

If you have a birth certificate, it is a bond on your lifetimes labor( a declaration that you are a slave), it says, the holder owns you! If you need more information to confirm this research your strawman! The good news is you can cancel this illegal act, and become a free man with research and a little work. But it is easy to slip right back into slavery though, so you must learn how to stay free! You can learn more on my post!

I revisit this because I was reminded of This Book

I like this little explanation of how it all works!