First let me say, I apologize to all for not posting for a while. I try to post at least a couple times a week, just because you need reassurance things are as bad as they are(NOT!!)!

I Post today because I came across this video.

I want everyone to know that I believe things have almost been corrected in the governments around the world! It will only be a matter of time before The criminals will face their just reward, for their actions in Government, Big tech, Big business, Big pharma, The media, and the medical industry! Wow! that’s gonna be a lot of hung criminals!!!

We the people that survive this Holocaust, Those that didn’t offer uninformed consent, Will bring to the tribunals all those guilty of this atrocity. We will get to see those that did these things hang before our eyes. We know who they are!! We know who we lost! We will get result because we are not alone!!! We do have the Alliance working to fix the system, just the same way we had those fighting to overcome Hitler during world war II. There will be a win of this 3rd world war, and it will be soon!!