Warning: I will conjure up some prejudices in this article. The intent is to dispel Feelings that divide, and to make a point, so read with understanding and enjoy!

It’s January 15, the alarm is set for 4:30AM. We must drive from Eloy to Florence still. We pull into the rally, and claim our place in line at 6:30AM. We sit in the chairs we brought, Our bodies, we reason, are to old and broken to stand all day! We will sit! The gate for the event opened at 6, already we are 500 into the line, good we got here early, right!

We look around and find Biker types and well dressed around us. We have wondered when we listened to the rallies on the net how the “Orange Man” talks about the beautiful people in the state he is rallying with. But we can dismiss him because he is doing the political thing right! A man comes by and tells us to get to know the people next to us. We are told that way they will hold our place in case nature calls.

I’m telling you, the man was right, by the time the field gate opened we found a new appreciation for our fellow man! As the crowd started moving people were leaving chairs behind (No chairs allowed, just no room inside) and moving forward. Everyone was given the space they needed to walk without tripping over each others feet. No one diving in to cut in line. All the things I had grown to know about crowds was destroyed, I was going to have to re-evaluate! But we had not entered past the gate yet, we will see after we get inside I think to myself.

We get to the barrier, we are looking over 3 people in front of us, in no time we are like sardines in a can. I lift my phone up to take a pic behind us, My elbows are fighting to find air, I only want to see just how hard it will be to make a trip to the porta-john, and realize I was glad I had taken care of business before I made it this far! People were going about, and people were making way so they could, BUT!

All those around me want to see the picture I just shot! Maybe they want to know the same thing. We start talking and sharing like we knew each other for years. Suddenly it hits me! This is not a Rally, this is a Party! Packed to the brim with folks who realize we have been slaves for our lifetimes. The Man behind this event, is the Man that has not broken a single promise to us, and promises to deliver us from the evil ones! Is it any wonder they come from all over the country to suffer for a full day, just to see him, and support his efforts? Is it any wonder the people of the world look to him to deliver their countries as well?

If you see Donald J. Trump as “Orange Man Bad” it is because You are listening to those that He will dismantle and destroy. What they are saying is, Trump is bad for us! You should stop listening to them! They are not thinking of you, only how to use, and control you. Have you ever believed they were telling you the truth? Then why do you believe them now?

It is now after nine at night! People watched as I hid my pocket knife( I forgot it was in my pocket). As I go to the location I left it, I see all the chairs still safe, and find my knife where I left it! My faith in mankind rejuvenated, What was left behind was there to pick up. Everyone, as Trump described the people he visits in every rally I have watched, Loving, Friendly, Beautiful people. I went to a Trump Rally, and saw a Revival! I was moved in ways I had not been moved in My lifetime!

It is not over yet!

We load into the truck, it is now 9:10 PM. We choose to get a nap while we wait. We fall asleep and wake at roughly 12, The line is almost gone! the estimated 55 thousand people are now a memory to this place, and a good memory it is!

Have you got the picture Yet?

Their dominance is almost over, Thanks to Trump, The White Hats, and the Alliance! Question your motives, and choose wisely. When they are gone, they will be gone for good! Who will you back then?