Don’t you hate it when the water starts turning cold while you shower, or do dishes?

Get the plumber out, you shout! Something is wrong with the heater.

The Lord says the same thing. He says “I would rather they be hot or cold”. Full of light or totally Dark, He doesn’t like people living in the shadow. Really This is what the Bible says, check it out!

Seems to me that many people need their compass re-calibrated, their heater checked, their light meter used more often!

Three years or more ago, I could talk with those that thought things were not handled right, where Human rights were being trampled on. We could agree that the dictators in those countries needed to be removed from power, ASAP! We agreed that the people that did nothing in those countries, were complicit in acts that made there countrymen suffer. Just because they stayed silent.

But a year ago, those that agreed on these God given human rights, became silent! The Creator of all things, says he would rather You be hot or cold. He has a problem with those that are only warm! In the end, you will have to choose!

There is no better time to reset! If the heater needs to be fixed, fix it!, or turn it off completely. There is no point in heating water if it is still to cold to jump in! It is time to let your heart be seared with truth, that you don’t look back, and wonder, what was wrong with you! You may choose to forget your choice, but the world never will. Never before, have I been so ashamed, of so many of my countrymen! Who have allowed themselves to be so divided as to forget the suffering of their fellow man! I am an American!

I admit I was naive! I bought the hypocrisy when I was told by the hypocrites, that they loved their fellow man!, that they didn’t like or want to be around thieves, because they didn’t trust them. They told me that they hated Liars. All this time defending their political views. I should have known something was amiss, But, I didn’t, until I opened my eyes!

I was going to post a link to an injustice in our country. I have changed my mind at this time. There are way to many injustices in this country right now to choose one to champion!

If you are being political, STOP! You are likely in the wrong.

If you are not seeking the Truth on other platforms, using only the ones that hold your present view, then you are covering your eyes!

If you have failed to look, You are no different than the evil in the world that You don’t see. You have chosen who to follow!

My hope is this post is hard hitting enough, to make everyone reading want to search for truth!