If you are still testing for Sars Cov 2( the China Virus), you need to read this link Tainted Swabs,and this link

CDC on PCR as well as CDC. I could go into who profits from the test, and the shot, but many others have already done so.

The only thing I will add to this subject is. If no test over the last 2 years gave a valid results, what have people been tested for? If world statistics don’t show an increase in deaths year over year (that is until the shot was introduced), What is now killing the people? I say the shot (Variant), what say You? Also now that we are getting reports of tainted swabs, how many have died because of testing kits?

Until the shot, we had the pandemic of “illegitimate Fauci PCR tests”, and the “fear whore media”! Now we have the pandemic of “Big Farma!”

May God give you wisdom!