This is part of a series. included in the series is How did you know? a post on this blog in the near future, read it if you wonder.

So this is how it goes.

Before sending troops on the ground into battle, the leaders anticipate many things. casualties, weapons you will encounter, counter measures like equipment one might need to stay alive on the battle front.

Take my word for it, that the leaders of the Alliance considered the death count before moving, we just may not understand the rational as we look at the battle, and numbers, so far. My how did you know post will clear things up a bit.

The other thing of standard issue are Dog Tags, a plate of metal with your identity stamped on it so should you get damaged beyond recognition they can account for you in the death toll.

This war the dog tag comes after you get shot, not before your injury, as has been the case in other battles. In other wars, You got a medal if you got shot and survived. In this battle the shot has Graphine hydroxide, an inert material so new, there are few experts in the field. we believe One expert in the field gave his life, to let us know what was happening. This material is as he put it like tiny razors. Cutting vanes and organs wherever they travel. As in other wars, shrapnel from weapons have been the most evil of all weapons, and this is no different. However with this weapon all aspects are on an equal footing. To get the full horror being unleashed this link adds to your knowledge.

In past wars those brave men, and women that went into battle felt they were fighting for good and they, if killed in action, would be able to face God in the future. Some people believe that this killing shot, through the modifying of your DNA separate you from God, I want that to not be true. You may be free and clear at this point, how you ask? If you scan your Dog Tag you may find the last number is a 1,2,or3. If you spun the cartridge and came up with all ones, If what I have heard is true, you got a placebo. My suggestion is take cover, and dodge any future shot. The shot with a 3 is bad news, and I have no idea of it’s content. Some say 2 is a flue shot, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

I have been told that a family that went to get the flue shot, were given the death shot! I don’t know if it is true, but This report has put a new light on this war! Your enemies are the people you were brought to believe were your friends. The fact that some research has shown no vaccine campaign has been valid in doing anything but prepare people to roll up their sleeves without question. The most healthy of people, have never had anything injected into their bodies, so it makes you think, right?

If you think you dodged the bullet when you were shot, You may want to reassess your health. If you have managed to avoid being shot, consider not being as mobile as you have been till the military gives you the all clear! Remember that Omicron is only infecting those who have been shot, do what you must to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy!


May God bless!