In 2006 I was involved in affiliate marketing. I did SEO, made sure I used Meta Data, considered titles for my posts, and pages that would increase indexing with the web-bots.

I got indexed, but not on the first page. Because this site is about getting information out to people I am using a different approach. It is called word of mouth! Yes that is why I have produced graphics with scan-able QR codes.

You may be asking why I am posting about this now, after all I do make graphics available and I tell people what they are for.

I watch my site stats to see if the site viewership is increasing and the stats tell a owner a lot.

I have had a large increase of Google-bots visiting my site. To me this is quite concerning. I have two theories about this increase.

One of these theories are about a nefarious plot that only a company as evil as Google could plot. The other idea I have is Google has had their teeth pulled, and they are falling in line to try and save their empire.

I like to use analogies to get a point across so here I will do the same.

When fishing boats were smaller than today, and they were made of wood, many fishermen would sink their boats in the ocean so saltwater could kill the rot developed because of rain water in the boat. In this way the fisherman would control rot without poisons. You might say that fishermen were much smarter than the modern farmer that poisons their land, and our food to increase profit.

The wise man doesn’t defecate where he grows his food.

So if the fisherman failed to treat his boat for rot, in short order the boat would be riddled with rot and it would no longer have any useful purpose.

When Google was confronted with an election they did not like the outcome, things changed. Googles actions were like rot in a boat. From the top down, according to whistle blowers, actions were taken to produce results that sent many in search (pun intended) for a real search engine result. Like many others I abandon Google search for Duck Duck Go. I changed my preferred browser to Brave from Chrome. If I wanted truth rather than fiction, I was forced to look elsewhere.

Here Lies my thoughts. If over the years, starting in 2016, maybe earlier, a company directs/trains their employees to think in a certain way, will the company be so full of rot, that the proverbial boat will never hold water again?

I don’t care much today if Google tries to change it’s stripes. What they did on YouTube to destroy free speech, how they censored search to make informed choices invalid. The family and friends that made bad choices will talk to me from the grave and remind me of Google’s actions. If I fail to listen to their cries, shame on me!

When the wood is rotten, the ship is ready for the grave! End of story!