My posts are coming to a close! I won’t be keeping this site open after the big take down! I can be wrong, but I can’t see this show lasting much longer. I do not aspire to be a journalist so when the new age comes about, I will hang up my pen so to speak.

You may ask why I bothered to build up a following, if I was going to let them down in the end?

My efforts are based on helping people say no! The only way I knew how to do that, was to speak out, as many others have done. If I have told one person the truth in a way that helped them out of Media induced fear, I will be able to live with myself.

Let’s talk about action shall we?

Turning off media/brain washing, is key in moving forward. most of you have done that already! But If you have thought to yourself that was hiding, you may be right, but only if you thought that. Down in your soul you may have been moved, or urged to do more. You may be living in fear. If I speak out “what will happen to me”? Is a common concern.

We know that the main stream media, big tech, big pharma, and your government are working to kill you. and if you believe that, getting involved is the only way forward as your life has already been threatened with death(can’t get any worse).

I would like to introduce you to a passive way to help bring down the “Deep State”.

Enter internet advertising!

Two of the methods of Internet marketing are PPV, and PPC.

Every time you are shown an add, it is a view or PPV. Every time you click on a search result that is a paid add, The advertiser pays the search engine for referral to their site. This is how Search engines get revenue, and companies get customers.

The search engine has algorithms that determine if an add is misleading based on how long you stay on the site. Further, the rate charged, is based on relevance of the add. The more misleading the add, based on the algorithm, the higher the rate charged for the add. The higher the rate the more a company must spend on advertising, right?

If one of the companies shows up on a search, or add that has been part of the cabal “actions against humanity”. I am clicking on the add, and shortly after I get to the site leaving. This will throw off the search engine companies algorithm, and increase the advertisers campaign costs.

PPV is another issue. I encourage truthers not to use the cabal’s system. Many social networks have sprung up to take the place of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Even if they re-brand, they are still the same slimy companies. It is an honor badge to no longer have accounts with these companies.

I encourage you to sprinkle truth that has been censored into your videos, as Clif High is doing because they were pirating his work(what a slimy group). Some truthers think it is OK because the word is still getting out. I am here to tell you, it is not OK to let a thief get away with their crime uncontested. Advertise your site address in every video a couple of times, and sprinkle the truth through out. As a result the viewer can find you and YouTube will not air your work.

At the same time as I say this to the truth teller, I urge the truth seeker to treat Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, as you do all fake media, and turn off their channels. If you listen to it on these medias, you are supporting them with dollars received in adds. They have increased their profit by pirating work of people deserving of your support.

You can find most every one of the truthers on the following platforms:

  • Truth social
  • Frankspeech
  • rumble
  • Getter
  • Bitchute
  • Brighteon
  • SGTreport
  • USAwatchdog
  • the Phaser
  • forbiddenknowledgetv
  • Naturalnews
  • Americanfrontlinedoctors

Search for the fall of the cabal and watch it.

This list removes your need to feed the enemy. I suggest you install an RSS feed aggregator, so you can read the news like a newspaper. If you have other favorites comment below and I will update this posting to include vetted sites.