I’m gun-nah start by telling you this is my opinion! Cutting to the chase, everything I post is my opinion or interpretation of what I have found. If you find value, I’m glad you resonate with me. You have to take control of your own life!

This post started with a commenter on this site. Understand I am not in the habit of allowing comments, but rather use comments to obtain talking points, and consider correction in my ways. Frequently I have found comments to be a distraction on other sites, and this is why I don’t lean that way. Because of laws It becomes important that if you use mail lists you need a service. I operate a low budget site here. I only pay for the server use, and that is it. No staff, no Aweber or stuff like that.

This should be quite a long post, as I have let the idea of intention percolate. So here we go!

I was introduced to Computers at a very early age. I was introduced with Data Cards for student testing in the 60’s. But computers were used years before I was introduced to them. I give you a time line. The time line only goes back to a time that is illustrative of my intent for going there.

We know a computer was used to develop the “A” bomb, but this only insures the point I will make here is valid. Before the bomb, IBM software, and machines, were used by Germany in the eugenics programs. You could say that IBM has been involved in eugenics for many years. I will make the point here that it is not my assertion that IBM was involved in eugenics, only that their system was used for it. Personally I won’t do work for those I know have evil intentions.

It is my opinion, the testing when I was a kid in school was a program to tag useful eaters, as well as useless eaters.

While in those early years of the 60’s I was introduced to Modern Math, that taught us to understand graphing, binary, hexadecimal, small amounts of algebra. All those things that increased the pool of programmers. I will only seed the assumption, that some lobbying was likely the reason that the effort was under way.

In the mid 70’s came the computer that you could have in your home! The operating system? C/PM by Digital Research.

IBM, you know the company who has a link to Hitler. lost a class action that lead to the PC computer of today. Was that really a loss, or intentional move? And although IBM could have made the PC a quality machine, they opted to produce the least they could, while making a usable machine. This sounds like a geek article but, believe me there is a point! This effort of giving little made room for the PC to gain ground in the economy, from many suppliers(plausible deniability).

So for an operating system, IBM contracted with Digital Research. But in the works they had an interview with a young eugenics developer named Billy Gates. I would say that they really liked Billies plans, and switched suppliers mid stream, even if Billy and crew didn’t even have an offering at the time. One more time! was this intentional? Don’t know but it is my opinion.

Billy’s Microsoft, with Billy at the helm got themselves into a class action. Up to this time Billy was happy producing products with back doors so he could produce Viruses, to entice people to buy “Anti-Virus” protection and program people to think Viruses needed an outside intervention, rather than built in immunity. For the record Linux distributions are built on the “built in immunity” principle.

Billy’s investment in anti-virus, has been furthered after the courts ordered correction, without doing the right thing. My opinion, the right thing would have been a brake up of Microsoft.

From the “back door” so to speak, he invested in almost everything where he could influence the world, and government. His upbringing taught him that eugenics was a good thing. It could help him influence those that remained.


Moving away from history! I know! It’s about time.

Robots! All the shows about robots, killer robots, to be on target for this post. Remember Yahoo! the first big search engine? Yahoo! relied on human indexing. Then Google came on the scene. Google made it big because of Web bots short for “World Wide Web Robots”. And for years, as is the habit of Satin, the lure of good search enticed us to leave human indexing behind thinking the idea of robots was a good thing!

I do think robots are a good tool, but programming is everything(good vs. bad).

Today we are faced with a danger to our world because the robots have been programmed to sensor what we can hear and see. Blogs, like this one, may avoid a web bot by using pictures with words on them, or using bad spelling. If this task was left up to people, almost nothing would get indexed if sensoring were imposed by Beeg Teckies.

When I tried my hand at internet marketing in the early 2000’s spelling was big (something that has never been my strong suit). So I hired someone to spell check my work. SEO also was a big deal to index my work(today I look at SEO negatively as well). I don’t use YouTube because the robots require much more attention to keep a channel open. sensoring is a big bot issue that starts with the letter “G” in the video media. You can miss spell things and the bots miss you. For this reason I will continue in my less than perfect spelling practices, because miss spelled words throw out the algorithms programmed into the bots.

Coding, and wrong spelled words, confuse AI to the point that you have likely found Us, It is intentional!!!

WWG1WGA May God bless!