The Self Organizing Collective (SOC), The White Hats (I didn’t say white helmets), The Patriots, They have it under control. They know it all, nothing is hidden from them. They have been following the cabal for years.

I don’t say that lightly! Big things are going down as we speak I write this. Even a local where I live asked about Internet speeds. He blamed something other than what was happening, and honestly I didn’t know what to tell him.

After I had problems with a few of the sites I follow, and heard that AWS servers had some issues as well as others, the news continues coming out!

Did You know that the Deep State players had a war game the other day? Was it really a war game?

Did You know that some Websites that have credible information had serious DOS attacks? Makes me want to believe their information, how about you?

Did You know that Simon Parkes has some very interesting Tid Bits to share (Don’t expect much, He has an NDA, But you’ll get the idea)?

Were You aware that another part of the Devolution series is out? Part 14, a must read! I will say it again, A must read!

It begs to question, what happened to the 10 days of darkness? For sure we expected that for quite a while. Maybe the White Hats removed that threat, or did they? Maybe only some disruptions will happen, You know like the little things that have taken place in the last week.

I really don’t know if the infrastructure will fail, due to the Evil Cabals desire to have things kept secret, You know, the ones that are being exposed. It may make things inconvenient if you’re still planing a shopping trip, or your cupboard is bare, it may be a little more than inconvenient. The idea of beans and rice for a holiday celebration may not be my idea of ideal. But food on the table will put a new/old meaning to the holidays!

Think of it this way! We are entering the 12 days of Christmas! A quite spectacular time of the Year! And I believe that we will even have fireworks this season!

Let’s wait and see!