Time to talk about Omicron!

Did you know that the variants were to be named using the Chinese alphabet? I said was, because the WHO knew that if they used the letter before Omicron they would get backlash from Xi. Yup the next letter after Delta is Xi.

What should be telling to everyone reading this, is that the bio weapon (China flu, some call it the Fauci flu) was planned to have many variants, so boosters would be able to be sold twice a year or more.

The plan as you know, was make the filthy rich, richer, and the remaining people controlled using fear. If your not getting this fact yet, do some research, it is all out on the web for you to glean!!

Simply make the Duck Duck Go search engine your default search engine, and search for information on everything you read, to do your own fact checking. No one else can be trusted to do it for you!

Anyhow back to the fake omicron, suitably named. after rearranging the letters a little you get Moronic that fits better than most are thinking at the moment. This is why I feel it is most fitting for this stage of the plandemic.

  • More and more people understand what is happening.
  • The monetary system is falling into disarray around the world.
  • The political system around the world is in trouble and ready to collapse.

The people have had it up to the gills, so to speak.

When the delta variant failed to bring on the fear the way it was supposed to. The only choice those wanting control had, was to introduce another planned variant. Remember that no reliable test has been developed for the original, so how are they finding variations in the China flu? They are looking in the play book! Yes the play book.

Choosing to punish Africa for not taking the Jab was a MORONIC choice. Why? The doctor that may have been paid to introduce this MORONIC variant. It is posable that the doctor only reported some new cases and the media did the rest. Thing is only a few cases were found. A now debunked PCR test is the only way most Docs can test for the China flu, and the Doc admitted that only the fully Loaded (Fully Jabbed) had any symptoms. The PURE BLOODS had no symptoms.

How MORONIC is it that the MSM thinks they can continue to lie, as their numbers and business model is flushed down the toilet because of their false reporting.

How MORONIC is it that the Politicians around the world know the truth and choose to attempt to lock down the people again, when the people also have opened up their eyes to the truth.

Knowing they are soon to be removed for their crimes, they think they can remove the code that most of the future survivors will likely be able to resite by heart. That is the code that was written after the trials that the code was named after(that is after the fact).

How MORONIC is it that leaders guilty of TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY think they will be able to remove the NUREMBERG CODE and not be Judged by it?