This is an apology to all the Moms out there before I post. Really, I couldn’t think of any other way to get my point across.

I have been listening to Charlie Ward and he talks about resetting your moral compass. Honestly, I have to disagree with him on this one. It’s not that I am against the idea, just can’t buy into it. Not to discredit Mom, but if I listened to what Mom taught, without question(to the level I did) I would still be asleep.

This is my point. I better like to tell people to question everything! It’s not Moms fault that she miss guided me on many things. Her Mom did the same thing, and her Mom, and her Mom, . . . , for many many many generations. It is kind of like the pattern of abuse that is passed on for generations till someone sees the pattern and is determined that they will not continue it.

Over the last Year, I have been on a research journey that has slapped me silly! Literally!

As the saying goes, “It’s easy to be duped, it is harder to admit you have been duped”. You could say I am sending an apology to my child, for teaching her some of the falsehoods that I just passed on to her because I had been duped, and didn’t do my research before passing it on. Just in the few months I have been blogging to you folks, I have grown, and my apologies go out to you as well.

My views have changed, in just this amount of time I have been writing to you. I have grown, praise be to God!

I think if I were to give guidance to anyone it would be this.

  • Stand always for the rights given by God, this is common law, or Gods law. If you do this, the party that seeks to take them away is in the wrong, and you are in the right!
  • Give credit where credit is due! When you are wrong, fess up! When you are right! Give glory to God, because without him you would be wrong!
  • Pray for those that do you wrong! Without God’s love, you would be one of those people.
  • Repay all acts, Good, or Bad, with Love!
  • Live without Fear! fear only serves Mamon, which is the Devil!

Light exposes what happens in the darkness! Be of good cheer! Things only appear to be getting worse. Because darkness has been ruling the world we were not able to see what has been there all along.

As the light gets stronger, and the darkness disappears, the evil of the world is being exposed so it can be corrected!!!