We are told by the influencers we must Fight if we are going to regain our freedoms. Then in the same breath they tell us we should do that by pushing back!

We know that the Kill Shot is going to wipe out a bunch of people. We know that masks don’t work. If you think they do then read my pages where I link to the science.

Point is, we need suggestions don’t we?

We need things to change quickly, before everything is lost, right? That means we must have some ideas that everyone can act on.

Because it is so important I will pass comments through on this page, as long as they are productive.

Well I have been at this a while, and I have come up with a few. Today we are just going to talk about one, and give you some graphics.

Grow some!

Fight back better!


How moronic (omicron) can you get! Copy and make Iron on transfer for shirt

Help others help themselves!

This procedure can help the workers in the stores you frequent!

A simple observation. Have you noticed all the help wanted signs? I have, and what is most confusing is when you go into these stores, the workers are wearing masks. When asked why, they tell you they have to to keep their job. Really!

First off, with so many jobs out there, why is anyone worried about loosing the one they have, if what they require is unhealthy for you. If they spent time looking, the job they would get in the future would likely be better than the one they had. I’m not saying quit, I am saying let them fire you! Mostly I am saying don’t comply!

Let’s not get carried away! First things first. Unions have been around as far back as I can remember. What do Unions do? They organize the workers, so the workers can have a better(life, work conditions, . . .). Because work conditions, and health, are what we are talking about, organization is what I am talking about.

This is the Plan

  1. Look for a “Help wanted” sign as you walk into a store. If you see one take a picture of the sign with enough of the store so it is recognizable.
  2. When you find an employee wearing a mask, ask him/her why they are wearing it. Likely they will tell you it is to keep their job.
    1. If that is the case, ask if they wear it when off work. Most likely that is not the case.
    2. Ask them to look at your picture of the store front.
    3. Offer them a card from this posts QR code.
  3. Suggest to them to share the card with other employees on the job with them.
  4. Let them know that the store already can’t find replacement workers and if they stick together they can change their work conditions.

Is this action the right thing to do?

In my page http://truthscan.phpwebhosting.com/mask-mandates/ I show you the long established science!

In my page http://truthscan.phpwebhosting.com/sept-1721/ Think about your future!

In my page http://truthscan.phpwebhosting.com/medical-cover/ You may think you know!

Disclaimer: I am not a heath professional, nor a lawyer. I do research and have a brain, That does not mean I give legal advice or medical advice, I don’t. My opinion is just that. I am someone that would like to see change. Hopefully I am someone like you, but as I hope you are like me, you must do your own research, and you are responsible for your own actions. I also am not certain following my lead will not create troubles for you, they may well. But in my opinion we have to do something to fight this totalitarian government, and this may help.