If You have been following my links for a while you know I follow drcharlieward.com , You know I reference Simonparkes.org I watch MelK interviews. I also like Anne Vandersteel of the steelreport.com .

In their interviews, They always talk about how “it is a good time to be alive”.

Think about that for a minute! Why would they say that? With the up evil of the day, for many that sounds quite fictional. Today I will delve into the rest of the story.

I will discuss why it is in fact a great time to be alive. Why I agree with them, and live in the same joy. I also will send you to a website that can if you are willing to accept it, bring joy and light into your life as well.

You will learn how you have been failed by the powerful dark side, and how to enter the light side. If you wondered why the age of miracles has for the most part been lost in the past, and how to revive them.

First I digress:

For sure you have watched the show “big bang” well they talk about something front and center to this post, and understanding about reality. What do they talk about? String theory, yes they talk about frequencies, but string theory is a thing. As of the 90’s it has evolved to M theory, if you research this M theory, academy is talking about.

wait for it!

relation of frequencies in everything we know, or should I say what limited knowledge we do have, frequency plays a big part.

The theory is they believe there are 11 dimensions. Of those many people can only relate to 3 or 4, and this is not by God’s design, and those are the lower frequencies. To get involved at a higher dimension one must increase the frequency of their soul.

For this reason miracles have been lost to a large degree. For the record, the lower frequencies are the frequencies of the dark side. The dark side wants you in the lower frequencies so they can control you.

What causes you to emit low frequencies? Fear and anger! All negativity lowers your frequency.

Do you think it is time to increase your frequency? I do! You can do this by

  • Showing Love to all creation.
  • Have faith in the Creator God.
  • Have faith in things to come.
  • remember through God all is possible.
  • Loose Fear, and help others do the same.
  • Push back, and stand up for your God given rights.
  • Do no harm, violence only lowers your frequency, and feeds the dark side!

Always! remember you must put on the armor of God, Before you face the enemy. This is a war of principalities, and powers, way above anything you can fight! for you it is understanding so you are in alignment with God.

To gain understanding research is the key. “ask that you may receive”. By now you have heard talk of Nesara/Gesara, but do you know what they are talking about? This link is only the start for someone that wants to grow. Every link in the post is as important as the post itself. If you can’t, for one reason or another finish this study in one sitting keep the window open for later study, but keep at it. By far this site is more important than anything you have read to date.

You may wonder how to discern Good from Evil. Simple answer is do you see any evil in what you are looking at? If you can see that dark side in what you are reading go no further, but do question if you have been deceived in what you think you know(You have been lied to all your life).

Keep the faith!

Remember God has already won!

No matter what you feel should happen with current events, God’s will will be done!

God has decreed that you have the right to refuse medical procedures!

What is happening is not political, it is spiritual!