If you have been following my posts. You know what advertisers, big pharma, Big tech, and Central Banks are thinking when they give you cash.

A new world is about to come out of the ashes of corruption. Our future is like none we have ever imagined. The most informed about what is happening in the correction will tell you that by the time April comes around Money for causes that are honorable will be free flowing.

This wonderful time will have been made possible by the SOC (Self Organizing Collective). Most of the people in the world know them as the White Hats, or Patriots.

The ultimate goal is to uproot evil from the world, and free all of mankind from debt slavery that has been established by the Deep State or Cabal if you will.

Most countries involved with this movement by being signatory to the GESARA, have been becoming compliant with the requirements entailed in the agreement, by correction of their systems.

By using Duck Duck Go as your search engine. you can easily find information on this by typing gesara, and RV in your search bar. You will know almost as much as I after you do this research.

However to develop a project you will need to know more. I suggest DrCharlieWard. You can find him on bitchute.com his channel is cwbit.uk he is much more knowledgeable than I on this.

For the record, this is how I would try getting funding. The present system is failing and will be dead in very short time.