Clif High is the Scifi guy! But I like the idea so I will use it.

An analogy came to mind last night as I was awakening. I have been thinking about my mother in law because of her circumstances. She lives in an assisted living facility in Kansas City called Delaware highlands. No one has been able to visit her in the two years of this plandemic. Solitary confinement in prisons is more humane than what they are doing to their renters.

Anyhow every time they can, they lock down to keep from spreading the so called virus, keep in mind we are talking Bio-weapon loosely called a virus.

I can only hope and pray that the Nuremberg 2.0 trials start soon. As people like those at Delaware Highlands are beyond human.

A quick question! do you know what a peitri dish is? When you went to science class you likely used one. It has a lid and a film of jell is in the dish part. It is sterile so nothing grows until something is placed inside so a culture can be created.

Think of it this way!

Let’s assume that just before a major pandemic we Launched a group of astronauts to the space station. They had supplies that outlasted the pandemic. On earth the pandemic played itself out and all seemed to be going well. Supplies were loaded up and were blasted off to the station.

Because of the fear that when they came home they would get sick from a virus that started the pandemic, the newly developed mRNA shot was part of the supplies. Remember the original bio-weapon had played itself out in the first year of the pandemic, so return from space was of little concern heath wise for the astronauts.

But as ordered by their leaders they took the shot a week before they were expected to return. They never did!!!

The exercise was to demonstrate a point. Those that are not exposed to a virus, or germ will not get sick from it. Only if the workers introduce it will a “close in” be infected.

You can look to the Jab for all variants, and infections, as the bio-weapon had played out its cards months before the shot was introduced.

Do you remember the nurse that fainted shortly after getting the shot on TV?