They say ignorance is bliss! And in many cases that is true. Take for instance the cities that are under cities, and bases, in that case as long as they get cleaned up by someone, not knowing what happened in them could be considered bliss. For those charged with cleaning up the evil of this world, not only does my heart go out to you, but my gratitude as well. No! I don’t need to see it, so please warn people before hand, so we can pick and choose what to watch in the near future.

OK enough of ranting about the past affairs. Now on with the post, A mother on was telling all the anti-vaxxers she was going to take her child in for the shot, and she hoped we would die. That is not exactly what she said, you could go watch it!

I believe she was trying to educate us. The only take away I was able to get from this is she was saying to us ignorance is bliss. I wonder if she came to her conclusion after “doing her research”?

I am disturbed, by what is going on, Who wouldn’t be, But we were warned thousands of years ago that Mothers would kill their children. May the Creator God have mercy on her soul.