To be clear, I think the end of the world is near. We may be at a time where satan is allowed to kill 1/3rd the population. Or we are at the point where a very small part of the population will kill all living on the earth, least the Lord come to stop it. A quick search using Duck Duck Go will bring forth many biblical references to that point.

One third of the population? Well it depends on what PhD you listen to. Some say none of those jabbed, will survive over the next three years. Others claim 70% with the rest requiring continued medical help.

No matter we all are looking for a savior. The question is how are you setting with your maker. Will you be deceived by the deceiver or will your faith in Jesus the Christ keep you looking at truth. Only Christ knows that answer.

Only after I watched the fall of the Cabal did I start questioning what I had in my heart. I now consider that the King at the time, King James, May well have had control of the bible translation, and had motives not published from that day forward. Are there more books that should be in the Bible? Were the translations more than translations? If we look at people acting more in family preservation more than Hippocratic oath. We begin to consider what those biblical scholars were up against, considering the tyrants of their day. And yes the dead sea scrolls do in fact hint at that reality.

No matter what we want to, or do believe, It is likely the time that we should be coming to an understanding, intentionally, or not, those in power are Tyrannical, and they place no value on human life. If the Jab was only intended to gain control of the masses, the experiment should have stopped long ago, with the great loss of life experienced, it did not stop! and they have doubled down on their efforts. This in my book proves death is the first agenda of the shot. The 30% remaining of those that have rolled up their sleeve, will no longer be created by God, they will be modified by man. And by admission of some, controlled by the elite through the nano tech they have injected into them.

Will their ability to communicate with God be hampered? Some believe it will. With the symbol of Graphine being 666, are those that roll up their sleeve, receiving the mark of the beast? The symbology being used by the elite big tech, and big Pharma, One might think so!

All Philosophical discussion aside, we all agree we have a big problem! As time passes it seems we will have a harder time dodging the shots of war. Injuries, and deaths will continue to mount if we choose not to enter the fight! To clarify, I am not making a call to violence.

This is a bio-weapon, and information war!

It is hard to argue that the enemy of God is using physical weapons(syringes and poison).

But the major weapon they use is information in the form of(Main Stream Media), Their blow horn of dishonesty.

We can do three things that can save us, if we act while there is a resistance.

  1. We can dodge their bullets(shots), by whatever means it takes( if you die from the shot you will not have your job).
  2. We can resist the tyranny as long as we can. They are trying to get you to line up like the Jews did in WWII. We must not!
  3. And last but not least, We can disseminate information, Like I am doing using Texts on the phone and this site.

This long video is a great primer. Time to act is getting short. Understanding is paramount. This video is for Understanding.

Resistance is coming! If you don’t believe it watch this video. For the record the 8th of Nov. is to late to prepare for what is coming.

If you think you have a better way to reach the masses than the use of QR codes please leave a comment. Although I read comments for ideas to post, I do not publish comments to keep this information on track.