So folks. My journey started with colloidal silver and an electronic acupuncture machine.

No kidding !!

I had been telling people our economy was one big sieve, and if we didn’t put a lining in it we would be speaking Chinese. I wondered how any honest politician could pass legislation that under any condition would give away everything.

Fast forward and I wonder how any honest politician could let so many un-vetted people into our country, Well!! I don’t think one could.

I do understand equalizing the playing field for the down trodden have a chance. I have in the past convinced myself immigration may be the way to do that. Or should I say, I was convinced! I am convicted everyone should have desert after a filling meal, don’t you feel the same?

However today it is not safe to go close to the boarder because of an out of control boarder. Because this video meant so much to me when I watched it, I dug it up to give everyone a serving of bubble gum economics.

As I frequently do I have put the scan code for this page! The configuration is right for printing business cards. If you feel this may lead to change, feel free to print cards and share them in your travels.