When it comes right down to it, Water purification has increased life expectancy more than any other procedure in modern times.

My late wife used chlorine bleach on everything, she was, what should I say? overly concerned about germs and all that. Does that make the argument that chlorine is a good choice? No definitely not! She eventually developed allergic reactions to chlorine, and other things directly resulting from a weakened system. You see chlorine is poison, that is why it works.

The more time goes by, the more we learn we have been poisoning ourselves, to keep our bodies safe. After all, it is the big pharma way.

So we are told we should store some water for emergency use just in case. What do we use to purify the water if chlorine is so bad for you? After all mold and all sorts of things grow in water, how do we store water safely.

First rule for me, and I am not a doctor so can’t give medical advice is, If you can safely drink it without poisoning yourself, and it disinfects, that is likely a good choice. At one time I would choose chlorine bleach, but I learned different through research.

I store water before I load it into My RV. Fact is I store 2 months of water along side of the RV, as a just in case system. Before I put the lid on the barrels I ozone-ate the water for 20 minutes. Why is it safe? It can be injected into the blood stream as a treatment for viral infections for one.(don’t try it at home, machinery you don’t have is required)

  • It is used for pathogens in water you drink.
  • it can and is used as a suppository type treatment.
  • They bag it around diabetic ulcers.
  • The half life of Ozone is 1/2 hour.

By the time 2 hours have gone by the amount of Ozone is less than 1/8 the strength originally developed in the water. But because you can’t store it you must generate it. Also because you can’t store it because there is short shelf life. It can’t build up in your system, body or RV. The down side of Ozone is it is a super oxidizer. Rubber is affected as are many things. If the sun will kill your toy, so will Ozone if used around it to much.

When you get through making your ozone water you have a half hour that you can purify your holding tanks and system. After that the ozone will be depleted.

I used to tell people that Ozone is recommended by the FDA for municipal water systems. However with current events as they are. The FDA recommendations don’t mean much. But for the people that still believe the FDA is protecting you, I mention the fact.

ClO2 Yup not a poison. NASA named the stuff “The Universal Antidote”. I have friends that use it for their arthritis. You can drink it daily in volumes in excess of that used to purify water. Oh did I mention the FDA recommendation for water purification. For today’s discussion I will not go into more detail. If your interested look up “the universal antidote” for yourself.

Because this is a discussion about purification I would add that most water supplies contain poisons from all sorts of sources. This is not debated in circles that know! I filter all my water, no matter how I use it. I don’t care about particles. I am concerned about poison. I use carbon block filters. The more water flows in my system the more filters the water must pass. For drinking the water passes threw 4 such filters and a RO filter system.

Paranoid? most likely. The more I research, the more safety I concern myself with.