So you never heard about What was in the shot, and you never heard about all the adverse effects it might have. Without getting informed properly according to the Nuremberg code, you rolled up your sleeve. Now you hear about all the deaths and other events those like you that received the shot are having. And you are thinking to yourself, Maybe I should have listen to the Nay Sayers and done my research.

The day for research is past for those that have received the shot! But even still their may be hope to out live the next flue season. No, not by getting a flue shot! That may be a death sentence for the shot up group. No the answer may well be in working on your bodies immune system. Some professionals think that if you out live the cells that have been created by mRNA injection, you may live longer than has been predicted, and hoped for by the evil cabal.

The first thing I must talk about is this so-called virus. Many countries have courts that have declared there is no virus, and this is why. Read this! That aside, although there is no virus, there is a bio-weapon, and you are a victim. Yes there is a bio-weapon, really there are two bio-weapons. The first was the China bio-weapon released on the world. And yes the USA’s Anthony Fauci Funded it threw his NIH. Fauci is of course only a puppet for the elite cabal, but just as guilty for the entire plan.

But there of course is more. Before the release of the china Faux virus, the vaccine and the plan to distribute it was already made. The shot is the real desired bio-weapon of the Cabal! Why you say! Because You have become a manufacturing facility to reproduce the digitally produced spike protein. But some doctors are saying there is hope! But there are more doctors and scientists that are saying there is none for the vaccinated. If there is hope it is through suppressing the reproduction of the spike protein using some of the same methods that have helped many fight off the infection from the beginning of the plandemic.

Get this straight! I am only passing on what I have read and studied. I have no proof that this method will help those that have received the shot! I am only as hopeful as those who decide to use this protocol that it indeed will help them. I have long been using these supplements to keep from getting sick, so I know I will not be condemning anyone to death by following this. Because I am not qualified to give any advice I only direct people to what I have found. This SGT report tells it all. I can only hope this information will help save lives.

I have to make a disclosure! I am fully funding this website. I don’t want help with expenses. If I help just one person to “critical think”, I am the happy winner! Thank you for visiting.