Bear with me on this one!

Long, long ago. You know, like, when this tail was conjured up. Papa bear daily went out to the field and toiled to grow crops for the three of them. When the crops were in, he would go on hunt to bring home meat and berries. All was good and the family was provided for. Moma bear made sure baby bear was protected and taken care of properly. She taught baby what was needed to grow up, and carry on the family name. Baby knew if (S)he stepped out of line, swiftly baby would be brought in line, so baby would do as mom and dad would instruct.

However Papa bear went to do his business one day, and a evil hunter stopped him from doing his work. The hunter required of him a yellow pass that he could only acquire If he got shot! Papa went to the cave and talked to mama, and they agreed that papa would “role the dice” and do what was needed to bring home the bacon.

A small amount of time went on, and the hunter came to the cave and told papa that mama would have to get shot as well.

Papa had had more sick days after the shot, and said no, no way!

The hunter continued to hound papa and then told mama if not her then baby! Mama said, over my dead body. and the hunter knew he didn’t want to mess with mad mama, so he left.

However Mama needed to meet with the neighbors so went out to do so. The evil hunter found her on her way and coerced her to get shot!

Ah! said the evil hunter. The rest of My job will be made easy.

Time passed, papa and mama’s brain barrier was damaged just as the shot was design to do.

The evil hunter showed up at the cave and asked again about the baby bear getting shot. Both Mama and Papa, said ah why not. We seem to be alright, unable to understand why they were both getting sick.

OK guys! I know that was long. but I have a point. We were made above the animals by God. Even still the animals protect their young! What is going on here?

Really, I get it! Some people just have a sense that something is not right. They start talking to others that feel the same way, and vola! Someone in the crowd comes across something with a few answers. These people are fortunate to have the gift of discernment. With time the small group of people share information, that leads to understanding.

These few people want to protect others. They then start sharing what they have learned with others in their personal circles. Sadly the sleeping masses label them and dismiss them, not really wanting to be disturbed in their slumber.

We the few, growing larger by the day. We can’t stop trying to save others. It just is not in our hearts to stop. Now on with what this post is all about.

I asked someone that got the Jab if he understood that the company he worked for would not last much longer. How is that? was his response.

Have you ever said, “darn, I should have said!” Well I have those days all the time. Reality is I am better with the pen. I’m really not that great with the pen either. So what should I have said?

open and read/watch the links below as you follow the post.

Get your copy of the Nuremberg code HERE

There are 10 principals in the collective code, they are as follows:

The First code tells us things like the ingredients should be disclosed to the subject. Pages like the following should be shown to the subject This, This, and maybe this . I had to study to understand that everyone from top to the bottom of those administering of the program is held responsible for informing the subject of possible problems involved with the experiment. Remember the EUA(emergency use authorization) status of the Jab?

The second code tells us No experiment is to be conducted if another method is available. Is your institution offering the Jab? You know Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Hospital, church. . .

Number Three! Did you know that When SARs Cov 1 was a consern, mRNA Jabs were developed and tested on animals? The results of those tests took mRNA off the table because of the dangers.

Four. How long did you have to wait before they told you you could go home? Did you know the experiment is not over until sometime in 2023???. Are they still watching you and keeping you safe from any harm?

five. Did you get your jab from someone that got the jab? I know of many nurses and doctors resigning right now rather than get shot up. I wonder about number five!

six. oops.

World – Historical Death Rate Data
YearDeath RateGrowth Rate

Seven. To be honest I am looking for the motels that are housing all the subjects! I am also looking for the medical staff at these housing locations.

Eight: You do know that all those qualified to preform this experiment are refusing the Jab right?

Nine: “I would like to have you remove the injection please.” Sorry guys you can’t end the experiment, what is inside, distributed through out, can not be removed.

Number ten: This is the last of the code, Short and sweet. And before the experiment began , The expert knew that the protocol required by this code was not being followed. Not even close! (S)he knew no animal testing was done, and the last tests killed all the animals. Any research on her/his part (required to be an expert), would show the results in animal testing with this kind of JAB. He would know that Death rate year after year, put the idea of a pandemic in serious question. He would know of NIH co-published works that Hydroxicloriquine was declared safe and effective at fighting off corona virus, and could be used as a prophylactic. (S)he also knew that once injected there would be no stopping of the experiment. It is a wash! Not one of the list of 10 was followed in the experiment that you are a part of.

In summary:

If you were coerced into getting jabbed to save your job.

If you were coerced into the jab to avoid weekly,monthly or other duration testing. Find comfort in knowing the company you work for, and all those who run it, will go down with the ship.

Know that during the Nuremberg trials after WWII, news media anchors covering up the truth, guards involved in the monstrosities, Teachers involved in propaganda, Government telling everyone it was safe and effective. All hung at the end of a rope. You can expect no difference in something this much bigger.

And Yes I believe the White hats have already won!!!

I also believe those that didn’t seek the truth, because they didn’t like someone, will die a horrible death! worse than the SARs cov 2 they were afraid of

I also believe the black hats will die of a stretched neck, or lead poison.