When I started my journey I did it with the message app on my phone. The problem, no one could just stumble upon my stuff.

I literally would hope others on my list would pass the links I would send to them on, to their list, and so on. I would send links on in an attempt to get visitors to the researchers I was following.

All was good and I know the information was reaching many people I did not know. However I realized the short comings of such a scheme and started seeing another way to get more people on board. People like yourselves that love the land they were born in, or adopted, and want to save.

General Flynn has told us We are the key. We will make the difference when we get off our bum, and let everyone know how we feel about all that is wrong.

I have adopted this media as my new voice. Although I have become quiet on the message app does not mean I am hiding. This is my new voice and the place to go to learn what I have found.

Comments are on, but not for trolls. I will see all comments but only a few will be allowed through for others to view. Look at them as a direct path to me. I want your links, and your opinion of what I post. Look at this as your private conduit to get information out. Your name will not be released unless you want it to be.

Some calls to action:

Start using Duck Duck Go as your search engine for uncensored searches.

Use Brave as your browser, as we see in Maricopa county , security is a big thing.

Print a QR code to iron on transfer. put it on the back of a shirt and wear it proudly wherever you go, to join in with what we hope will be one of the greatest awakening tools yet.