If you have been listening to those telling you to have a few months, preferably year of food. You are the fortunate ones. In my view now might be the time to consider using some of those supplies. After all, rotation is important.

This is my thinking.

If you are facing the jab to be able to continue with your work, or schooling. What is more important? To live and loose what you have worked for, Or take the jab and die. Insiders are telling us if your jabbed with any of the jabs, 2 years is now your life expectancy. Honestly, if you think at least you have insurance, make sure joining a experimental trial does not void your policy. Your family is not protected! Whats worse is that you have become a super spreader of the spike protein. Now that begs the question, is your family safe, with you around them?

Would you and your family be better off letting your company fire you? Would it be any big loss if you take a sabbatical from school for a year or two?

Really, In two years those workers at your job, that let the company bully them into a jab, may well have died off. Those that did survive the shot will likely be disabled and unable to work. If in 2 years the company is still in business, (highly unlikely), They will need those without a vaxx status.

If it is schooling your interested in for your future career, Those that took the jab will not be hitting the job market either. The biggest qualification in the future will be that of “non-GMO, pure blood”. I would not be surprised to find “on the job training” having a big comeback. With a great reduction of population I suggest big business will fail.

Honestly folks. I have watched hundreds of videos and countless articles I have read about these predictions. But to help you on your search of what I am saying consider this link .

To end on another good note, It is roomered the white hats switched vials and the number of people will be smaller that the numbers indicate. I can at least hope this is true. but Russian roulette is not a great game, someone always looses.