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The levels of government by the “law”:

  • God
  • king
  • governor
  • citizen

However The levels are different when Looking at God’s Law, and we must comprehend the order set by Him:

  • God
  • Man
  • King
  • Governor

At the bottom will be a link to help you discover who you are.

In different countries land is deeded to outside countries, these locations are called embassies.
The ambassadors that inhabit them have diplomatic immunity.
They travel in the country assigned to them by a foreign government.
The ambassador is expected to follow the law of the land he is assigned, however should he break the law in that land, discipline is handled by the government where he is from. What may surprise you is this was not agreed upon as an international thing, rather it was defined by God’s Laws

As a foreigner You too can find representation at the embassy. It is understood that you are subject to the country where you are a subject. A land that does not have an embassy from where you hail, It is understood you can not travel, or travel at your own risk. This too is according to God’s Law.

If you would rather, you can change your citizen ship, you can flee one dictator for another leader that you feel is more just. Of course you must comply with the terms, and denounce your old dictator as a rule of law. Of course you will need to comply with the laws of your new home, and your old dictator will have lost rights to claim you. This too is according to God’s Laws.

I write this because of today’s interest in “common law”. It is important to understand the origins of law and how the practice is well founded. With understanding you have the power, without understanding you will find more trouble than you thought possible. Simply put, Knowledge brings wisdom, and those that searched and found true knowledge are free.

A flurry of study has come about as a result of dictators around the world seeking to jab every arm with a toxic cocktail. According to research in Spain, 99% of it’s contents is Graphine. The symbol consists of 3 circles with 6 dots on each of them, the circles are connected with shared dots. Because of this symbol it is being surmised as the number “666” (the mark of the Beast). With that and the fact that future passport efforts that promise to cut off commerce to those that refuse the jab, puts the question right on path for many believers.

So how do we fight this injustice? First I feel compelled to use a quote “Plan for the future, live for the day”. Then I will tell you that it is appointed that all men should die once. It is important to understand that the circumstance we die is very important to the life we live in the future. First note that in the Good Book that those that refuse the mark will not be able to buy, sell, or trade. Does that sound familiar? What is important about this one statement is that you have a choice in this thing, it is implied in that one statement (those that refuse). You don’t have to take the shot. Another thing to get out of this chapter is not to worry, there will be those that will make sure you have food, by providing it for you. Will I give you the scripture? No! It is time to do your research. It is also written that who so ever seeks they will find. As things are going. I believe your time to seek may be short.

Here are some words of wisdom. The student that listens to the teacher and does not read the text book, fails or does poorly in the class. This is true without exception. Those that read the text book before attending the class excel. It is with this warning I continue. The Holy Bible is not a book of religion but rather a history book full of lessons. However unlike the religious world that use the Bible to preach, therefore the meaning changes with every sermon, the Bible only has one message. We can see the meaning when we have a similar circumstance. But we will today only look at the recorded hierarchy of all things we see, and don’t see. Hopefully the student has taken the effort to read the text book for full understanding. Only with full understanding will the fear and worry about the future of things fall away.

God is the creator of heaven and earth. It should be said that all things are under him.

Satan was created by him. This puts Satan under God, the Creators Authority. That means that Satan must have permission to do anything he plans to do. You will find examples of this in the Bible.

Man gave Satan authority of the earth. Even so Satan must have permission to do anything to God’s creation (man).

Satan is the king of this world, Therefore rules all governments on the world. God Creator can and has reset Satan’s governments thru history. God has the authority over Creation, Satan can be put in his place at anytime. God has documented his actions and why he would intervene in his Word, to understand you only need to research.

It is interesting to note that God’s agents have power on the world, but Satan has no embassy in heaven.
As the world reaches a close, Satan is attempting to close God’s embassies (The Churches). He will also attempt to silence God’s Ambassadors the way he tried to silence the early church. Satan will silence many of God’s Ambassadors but not without breaking God’s Law. It is worth noting here that the Ambassadors of the one and only Living God, are aware they will likely be tortured and killed for Jesus’s sake, But will gladly choose God over Satan.

Satan and his puppets will use fear, and any other means to help God’s ambassadors fall from grace, however God’s chosen will not be deceived. They know that life has an end, and with God a brighter future. You can question the motives of any man, but the Truth is in Jesus the Christ.

I would suggest you rebuke Satan’s minions, and declare Jesus as your authority. Let them know they must have God’s authority to do Satan’s evil works with you and your family. Doing anything else carries a second death. This they are calling common law ( the common sense law of creation).

One final note:

In a world that Law and Order are broken down, arguing law if futile. If you have any hope, it must be in a high enough position that corruption does not exist. In this day it may well be only in Heaven can justice be served. Are you ready to take it before God the Father? I question putting faith in any man.

To clarify: Most all modern influencers have considered their walk with God. The more research you do, the more you see the hands of spiritual being on everything you see.

Kevin ©

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