As we never knew it!

A Question I am asked about, Or should I say complaints I hear, are much the same. When will this all end? When will things get back to normal?

First I would like to tell You, Things will never return to the way they were! This is not a bad thing, because nothing was right in the world for as long as We have lived. Actually, what You have known as normal, was not what God intended for You. Raise Your voice and praise God that You are being delivered from the grip of evil, the grip You have been held under Your entire life.

I’m going to tell you a little secret! When someone I am listening to gives me a date, I turn off the channel because the Bible tells Me No Man Knows the Hour! Yes, I see the events happening as Biblical!

My question for You! Do You think that the Lord has moved on the Truckers world wide, to open the hearts and eyes of man?

Do You think that the Good guys are now in control of YouTube? and do You see in YouTube the signs that the Alliance is winning the war? Are censored videos re-appearing?

Do You think Google search, that at one time was silencing Voices through omission, has miraculously changed their tune on their own? I have noticed, This website is now found on Google Search! That not being the case in the near past.

What I am saying is

You may not see big changes, but big changes are showing Me, The White Hats, The Alliance, The Galactic Alliance, are all working together to win the battle over evil.

Because the narrative is so complex, and the lies so deep, I have to pray for guidance to keep myself safe from falling for the snares Satan has laid down for Us. It seems that when I question a path I am taking, and I voice my concerns, I am sent a link from another source that helps remove My confusion.

What You all need to know, is some times I must listen to a complete video to get a conformation about the presenters faith. I encourage You My listeners to follow My links from start to finish. The Truth will present itself before the Video ends, without question, in all the cases that I present to You!

Today I offer up a star trek world! As hard as it is to follow for the under initiated, It is beginning to be the standard for information, telling us what is going on?

I understand, from many sources that understanding what is happening now, is important to Your mental health in the future. So with no more delay, watch this 6th interview with Gene