Don’t understand this completely, however They have a point.

With the Deep state players plan to depopulate falling apart, they need to play another lie in an attempt to control you through fear.

It is not a good idea to ever get shot up! Many credible sources say that all vaccines lead to cancer, so I include all invasive vaccines.

This year things get worse! Consider that the makers of vaccines plan to combine flue vaccines with covid vaccines. That means that if you don’t want a covid vaccine, if you get a flue shot, you may well get what you don’t want! Yes they are evil!

Clif High tells us that D3 is the answer to corona viruses. I was new to Clif High’s video channel, so I went back and looked at all his old videos, over time. I have been following him for about 4 months now. I am convinced he is a smart man. He can be found on Bitchute, I suggest you do as I did and follow him, and watch his entire Woo! series.

Dr. Zelinko has a protocol that keeps you healthy! Imagine not getting the flue, or corona virus, without a vaccine! Yes! Those of us that do his protocol, are heather than we ever have been!

Remember that Those that work to stay healthy with diet and sunshine, refuse the shot, and use their brain(common sense), are not getting virus impaired. I say it this way because, if you have no symptoms, you are not sick, You can’t spread anything. No testing required! I say that for two reasons.

1) because you don’t need to test someone that is not sick, for a sickness they don’t have symptoms for.

2)It does no good to test with a test that the CDC states does not work(PCR, This leads me to question the whole plandemic, how about you?).

Seriously! Have you ever in your entire life, thought you had something you didn’t have symptoms for, before this insanity?

Honestly! I have been saying for years, If you have the flue stay home so you don’t pass it on to others. But that is TOoooo simple! Staying at home is boring, right? You should know! You have been healthy and locked down, to protect the narrative, for over a year now! When will you retake Your freedom! When will You look at the changing story line, and realize You have been lied to?

Why a lock down? So You can’t see with Your own eyes, that your neighbors are not dying! Really it is that simple, at least till the kill shot(vaccine) rolled out!

Now that the Vaxx mandates are in play. The reason for lock downs is so you can’t see your vaxxed neighbor being rolled out in a body bag! They likely bragged that they got it, so you know they did, but you don’t want to see the results(think lock down), so that you will follow his lead.

When the criminals ( think Nuremberg code) are removed from the world. And you regain your freedom, when You can see the sun shine again. You will emerge to see the mass murder of your friends, and neighbors, and wonder how you didn’t see what was going on.

There are three reasons you didn’t see:

  1. You didn’t want to!
  2. You were locked down!
  3. Freedom is not given by man, You must be willing to take it!

God gave you free will, but you must be willing to receive it, to get it!

If you want to know how to claim your freedom, you must live free! It is that simple.

Mandates are not laws! Quit wearing masks that only serve to make you sick! It is true that masks don’t work. If you question that, you will find more on this site to show, and prove this fact, One person’s opinion(mine) should not be enough to make up your mind, it is why I have links on my pages, and why I say do your research on Duck Duck Go! Don’t let them make you wear Masks! The more people that walk away from those companies that require you wear masks, the sooner they will change their ways!, also, If all employees refused to wear masks, and got together and refused to wear them, the sooner they would have to let everyone have their freedom! remember, guidelines, and mandates, are not laws!

Continue to refuse invasive shots given under the guise they will save you, because, You know they are designed to depopulate!

Doing these two things is declaring your freedom! The more people, like You, that do what they know is right, the more things will open up!

I might add! if this article helped you stand up for freedom. Then pass the link on, so others may follow!


We must stand together!


As an employee, if you can’t get the employees together to walk out. If you can get just a few to walk out and let all the employees know why you are walking out, others will follow. No one is happy wearing masks, and required to get shot up(Your freedoms are being stolen). The fact that large companies are having to back track on their decisions to require such things, is proof of this working. Religious exemptions and health exemptions will give your employer an out with the local mandates, so help them by getting exemptions first. Or better, consider Joining a control group! Check out Charlie Ward for information about this option.

For legal reasons, I state I am not giving legal advice or medical advice. I am only giving my opinion.